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Tulsi legend and greatness

Tulsi legend and greatness

According to the legend, "Tulsi" originated from the nectar that was spilled on the earth during the churning of the ocean by the gods and demons. Brahmadeva entrusted him to Lord Vishnu. Hanuman was overjoyed to see Tulsi plant in Vibhishan's house in Lanka. It is said in the description of its glory, (Namayudh ankit gruh Shobha Varin na jai. Nava Tulsi ke vruind tanhdekhi harshi kapirayee) Padma Purana states that where there is a single plant of Tulsi. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar also reside there. The service of Tulsi also destroys the superpowers in the same way as the darkness of the sun is destroyed. God does not accept the Prasad which does not have a Tulsi leaves. During the worship of Lord Vishnu, Yogeshwar Krishna and Pandurang (Shri Balaji), a necklace of Tulsi leaves is offered to his idols.

 Believing Tulsi as having been blessed with divine qualities, a lot has been written about it in spiritual texts.  Tulsi is a mine of medicines.  For this reason, Tulsi is referred to as 'Mahaaushadhi' in the Atharvaveda.  It is called 'Haripriya' in Sanskrit.  The origin of this drug took away the mind and anguish of Lord Vishnu, which is why it has been given this name.  It is believed that all the shrines are located in the root of Tulsi, all the devi-goddesses in the middle and all the Vedas in the upper branches.  Visiting Tulsi every day is considered sinful and worshiping is liberating.  Tulsi is essential in Devpuja and Shraddhkarma.  Worshiping with Tulsi leaves achieves the virtue of fasting, yagna, chanting, home, havan.  It is said that those whose dead body is burnt by the fire of Tulsi wood, they attain moksha, they are not reborn.  The Tulsi purity is considered to be the purity of the Tulsi containing water to the patient lying on the dead bed at the end of the life and it is believed that the person gets salvation.

Tulsi - Vrinda Sri Krishna is considered to be the beloved of God and by offering it to the Lord, the lovers of God accept it as Prasad. Even if flowers made of gold, gems, pearls are offered to Shri Krishna, they are incomplete without Tulsi leave . Shri Krishna or Vishnu do not accept Naivedya without being tempted by Tulsi leaves.This plant is specially worshiped by women. Good family women, good luck, for the prosperity of the offspring, basil Tulsi)- watering the plant, worshiping Roli Akshat and lighting the lamp and praying in prayer, says good luck, children , money grain and forever. By the way, the basil of Tulsi is worshiped throughout the year, but especially in Kartik month.

The significance of worshiping Lord Vishnu with Tulsi leaves in Kartik month is indescribable.


 Dharmadhvaj's wife's name was Madhavi and daughter's name was Tulsi. She was very beautiful. As soon as she was born, she became a woman and started doing austerities in Badrinath. Brahma appeared and asked her to ask for the boon . She told Brahma that she was the friend of Shri Krishna in the previous birth. Radha cursed him to go to his deathbed after seeing him engrossed in the ritual with Krishna. He did penance of Brahma with the inspiration of Krishna, so from Brahma, he again asked for the boon of getting Shri Krishna as a husband. Brahma said - You are expelled from Golok and Sudama  also become a caste caste, accept her as a husband. You will be famous in Vrindavan by the name of Tulsi or Vrindavani after taking the tree form from the curse part of Narayana. No worship of Shri Krishna will be possible without you. You will also love Radha. Brahma gave him the Shodhakshara Radha Mantra. Second story: A demon named Mahayogi Shankhachud, after getting Krishnamantra from Maharishi Jeevishvya, entered Badrinath. Upon meeting unmatchable Beautiful Tulsi, he told that he had reached there to marry her by Brahma's orders. Tulsi married her. They started living as the rulers of the demons.

When the infestation of Sankhchud increased a lot, one day Hari gave his shul and asked Shiva to kill the Sankhchud. Shiva attacked him. Everyone considered that it is impossible to kill Sankhchud as long as his wife is high integrity power and has the armor given to him by Narayana. Hence Narayan went as an old Brahmin and asked him for alms. Wearing the shell of Shankhchud and making it his own form, he proclaimed victory over his gods by playing a dandubhi in front of his house. In the impulse of happiness, Tulsi confronts him. Subsequently, recognizing Vishnu and destroying the husbandry religion, he cursed - "You become a stone. You have cheated your wife for the abuses of your devotee to please the gods." Shiva appeared and mitigated his anger and said- "This body of yours will be with a river called Gandak and a holy tree named Tulsi which will be make from your hair, now you will stay with a saligram made of Vishnu's share. By your curse Vishnu will be of stone on the banks of the Gandaki river and you will be basil. As you will climb on them. Shankhchud was Sudama in the previous birth, you forget it and abandon this body, now you stay with Lakshmipati Vishnu. Take all Tulsi As holiest tree issues remain. " Shiva disappeared and Tulsi left the body and went to Baikuntha. It is said that since then, the Saligram form of Vishnu started to be worshiped with Tulsi leaves. Shri Krishna worshiped Tulsi on the full moon day of Kartik and placed it in Goloka, hence it is considered the birthday of Tulsi. Initially, Lakshmi and Ganga had accepted it, but Saraswati was very angry. Tulsi entered into Vrindavan after ingestion from there. Therefore they are also called Vrinda. The place where Tulsi grows in abundance is called Vrindavan. In the name of this Vrinda, the Leela land of Shri Krishna was named Vrindavan. Narayan again found him and made him befriend Saraswati. She is also known as Nandini because she is Anandayini (Pleasure giver) for all.

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