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"How Tulsi and Shaligram got married"

"How Tulsi and Shaligram got married"

 According to religious belief, Lord Vishnu wakes up from sleep on the day of Devuthani Ekadashi.  Auspicious works also begin on this day.  There are many traditions associated with Devauthani Ekadashi.  One such tradition is Tulsi-Shaligram marriage.  Shaligram is considered to be a form of Lord Vishnu.

According to Shivmahapuran, in ancient times, the king of the demons was Dambha.  He was a Vishnubhakta(Lord Vishnu devotee) .  For a long time, when he did not have a son, he made Shukracharya, the guru of the demons, to receive Sri Krishna mantra from him and went to Pushkar and meditated.  Pleased with his penance, Lord Vishnu granted him the boon of being a son.  Son of Dambha was born here as a boon to Lord Vishnu.  (In fact, he was a pope named Sudama, the pioneer of the councilors of Shri Krishna, who was cursed by Radha to be born in the Asura Yoni) It was named Shankhchud.  When Shankhchud grew up, he went to Pushkar and did austerities to please Brahma.  Pleased with the penance of Shankhchud, Brahma appeared and asked to the boon .  Then Shankhchud asked for a boon that I should be invincible to the gods.  Brahmaji gave him a boon and said that you go to Badarivan.  There, Tulsi, the daughter of Dharmadhvaja is doing penance, marry her.

At the behest of Brahmaji, Shankchud went to Badrivan.  He was also fascinated to see Tulsi doing penance there.  Then Lord Brahma came there and asked Shankhchud to marry Tulsi by Gandharva method.  Shankhchud did this.  In this way, Shankhchud and Tulsi started to do the live happily.  Shankhchud was very brave.  He had the boon that even the gods would not be able to beat him.  He conquered the gods, demons(Rakshas, Daitya, Daanav) , Gandharvas, serpents, eunuchs, humans and all beings of universe with his strength.  Everyone was happy in his kingdom.  He was always absorbed in devotion to Lord Krishna.  When the heaven came out of hand, the deity went to Brahmaji and Brahmaji took him and went to Lord Vishnu.  Hearing the talk of the gods, Lord Vishnu said that the death of Shankhchud is determined by the trident of Lord Shiva.  Knowing this, all the gods came to Lord Shiva.  Hearing the talk of the gods, Lord Shiva sent a Chitraratha named Gana as his messenger and sent it to Shankhchud.  Chitraratha explained to Shankhachud that he should return the kingdom to the gods, but Shankhachud said that I would not return the kingdom to the gods without going to war with Mahadev.

When Lord Shiva came to know about this, he set out with his army to fight.  Shankhchud too came to the battlefield, ready for war.  Immediately there was a fierce battle between the gods and the demons.  Gods were unable to defeat Shankhchud due to boon.  The war of Shankhchud and the gods lasted for hundreds of years.  In the end, as soon as Lord Shiva raised his trident to kill Shankhachud, then Akashvani said that - As long as Shankhachud has Srihari's armor in his hand and his wife's integrity is unbroken, it will not be possible.  Hearing Akashvani, Lord Vishnu, taking the form of an old Brahmin, went to Shankhchud and asked him to donate Srihari armor.  Shankhchud donated that armor without hesitation.  After this, Lord Vishnu took the form of Shankhachud and went to Tulsi.
After going there, Lord Vishnu in the form of Shankhchud informed the victory of his by going to the gate of Tulsi's palace.  Hearing this, Tulsi was very happy and worshiped and delighted the Lord in the form of husband.  Lord Shiva killed Shankhchud with his trident in battle as soon as Tulsi's sativa(integrity) dissolved.  After some time Tulsi came to know that it is not my husband , then God came in his original form.  Knowing the deceit with her, Shankchhud's wife started crying.  He said- Today you have deceitfully destroyed my religion and killed my husband .  You are definitely a stone heart, so you will now be a stone (stone) from my curse and stay on earth.

Then Lord Vishnu said- Goddess. You have done penance for me for a long time living in India. Now you renounce this body and wear a divine body and live happily with me. This body of yours will be changed into river form and become famous as river named Gandaki. You will become the best Tulsi tree in flowers and will always be with me. I will remain as a stone (shaligram) to make your curse come true. I will live on the banks of the Gandaki River. The crores of insects living in the river will bite with their sharp teeth and mark my chakra in that stone. Religious peoples will earn virtue by marrying Tulsi plant and Shaligram sila. According to tradition, on the day of Devprabodhini Ekadashi, the marriage of Lord Shaligram and Tulsi is done and Manglik works are started. It is believed that by getting a Tulsi-Shaligram marriage, a person attains incredible virtue.

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