Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Glory of Tulsi

Tulsi has two main services.

 First service

 In the roots of the Tulsi...
 To offer water daily! Except Ekadashi only.

 Second Service

 Breaking the Tulsi's spica
 Keep relieving Tulsi


Due to this spica,Tulsi ji
 Sick and dry!
 Till this time, this spica stays on the top
 of Tulsi mata they Suffers a lot!
 These two services ...
 From the service of Shri Thakur
 No less is considered!
 To take some precautions
 Is needed! ๐ŸŒป

 Such as

 Before breaking the Tulasi leaf
 Tulsi's permission should be taken!
 True Vaishnavas without permission ...
  does not even touch the Tulsi leaf
 Sundays and Dwadashi days
 Tulsi leaf should not be broken, and
 Tulsi leaf anytime with nails
 Should not break!  Nor should water be given to Ekadashi because Tulsi Maharani also observes a waterless fast for Thakur Ji on this day.

 Due to

 Tulasi ji Only these two days by order of Thakur ji
 It takes relaxation and sleep!
 For the rest of the days
 She does not sleep nor does she take rest!

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