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Lord Shiva's third eye symbolizes knowledge

Why Lord Shiva has three eyes?

 According to religious texts, all gods have two eyes, but Shiva is the only deity who has three eyes.

Being three-eyed, they are also called trinetradhari. From the point of view of life management, the third eye of Shiva is symbolic. The task of the eyes is to show the way and to be careful of the troubles on the way. Many times in life there are such crises which we do not understand. At such a time, it is discretion and patience as a true guide that makes us identify right and wrong. This conscience, therefore, remains inside us as inspiration. Just need to wake him up. Lord Shiva's third eye is the location of the command cycle. This command cycle is the source of wisdom and wisdom. This gives us the ability to take the right decision in an adverse situation.
Parmeshwar Shiva is known by many names like Trikala Darshata , Trinetra, Ashutosh, Avdhardani, Jagatpita etc. At the time of Mahapralaya, Shiva destroys the world with his third eye, but despite being the father of the world, Shiva is easy to be  happy. Shiva, who fulfills all the desires of the world, does not need any opulence for himself nor other things. They live in the middle of nature. Those who are fond of Kandamul and who are be happy only with the water.
One name of Lord Shankar is also Trilochan. Trilochan means three-eyed because the only Lord Shankar is the one who has three eyes. Shiva's two eyes normally open and close, the two eyes of Shiva have been addressed by the scriptures as Moon and Sun, but the third eye has a different virtue .
The Vedas have called the third eye of Shiva the Holocaust. In reality, these three eyes of Shiva are addressed to the Triguna. The South Eye, that is, the right eye, is addressed to Satvaguna. The left eye means the left eye is addressed to the Rajoguna and the third eye on the frontal addresses the Tamoguna.
Similarly, the three eyes of Shiva are the symbol of Trikala. These eyes address the past, present and future. For this reason Shiva is called Trikala Darshata. These three eyes contain the triloka, that is, the heavens, mrityulok , patallok , and the three eyes of Shiva, that is, the three eyes of Shiva are the symbols of the three worlds. For this reason Shiva is considered the lord of Trilok.
Shiva is considered Parambrahm. The truth of which the eyes of the world cannot see can never disappear from the eyes of the Shiva because the whole world is just a creation of Shiva. For this reason three people are under him. Shiva's third eye is the wisdom eye. It is a symbol of conscience. As soon as the knowledge eye opens, the work is consumed by burning. Just as Vivek keeps his sage alive and does not allow wickedness to be thought of as unleashed and keeps his head in view. For this reason, on the opening of Shiva's third eye, Kamadeva was burnt to ashes.
The third eye of Shiva is situated on the aagyachakra . Aagyachakra is the source of wisdom. On opening of the third eye, the possibilities of a normal seed man take the shape of a banyan tree. In religious terms, Shiva always keeps his third eye closed. Shiva ji opens the third eye only when his anger is beyond its greatest extent. The opening of the third eye means the arrival of the Holocaust.
In fact, God Shiva has given this third eye to everyone. This conscience, therefore, remains inside us as inspiration. Just need to wake him up. This inspiration comes from the third eye of Shiva's knowledge, that a human being can live on earth and attain salvation by overcoming his work and desires.
If seen from the worldly point of view, then the work of the eyes is to show the way and to be careful of the troubles coming in the way. Many times in life such a crisis should be used with the three eye restraints given by Shiva. Kama, anger, item, greed, fascination and ego enter us with this third eye and we can also consume them with this third eye. The aim is to wake up aagyachakra and take it to the right path.

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