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Must learn something from everyone !

Must learn something from everyone ! 

If you want to achieve achievement in life, then there is a need for guidance somewhere.  But the work of giving guidance is the work of a Guru ,but it is not easy to meet a Guru .  In such a situation, those who are clever are very alert, they keep trying to learn something from everything around them.  All of us must keep watching the events happening around us, knowing what work we get to learn. The events happening in life do provide some education, it is important to keep ourselves ready as well.  Together take him towards positivity.  Today's post is the story of a man who learned something from the people around him.  And enhance your life.

 A long time ago, a very influential Mahant lived in a city. Many disciples used to come to him for education. One day a disciple asked the Mahant, "Swamiji who is your guru? From which guru have you received your education? "The Mahanta smiled at the disciple's question and said," I have thousands of gurus! If I sit down to count their names, it may take months. But still I will tell you about my three gurus.

One was a thief. Once in a while, the way was lost and it was too late when I reached a village far away. All shops and houses were closed. But finally I found a man who was trying to break into a wall. I asked him if I can stay, then he said that it would be very difficult to find shelter at this time, but if you want, you can stay with me.
I am a thief and if you have no problem in living with a thief then you can stay with me.
 "He was such a lovely man that I stayed with him for a month! He would tell me every night that I go to my work, you relax, pray. When he comes from work, I ask him, have you got anything? So he would say that today he could not get anything, but if God wants, he will surely get something soon. He was never disappointed and sad, always happy.
 When years and years had passed while meditating on me and nothing was happening, there were moments when I was determined to give up my sadness and despair. And then suddenly I remember the thief who used to say everyday that if God wanted, he would get something soon.

And my second guru was a dog. On a very hot summer day I was very thirsty and wandering in search of water that a dog came running. He was also thirsty. There was a river nearby. When that dog went ahead and peeped into the river, he saw another dog in the water which had its own shadow. The dog was very scared to see him.
 He would stare at the shadow and retreat, but due to thirst, he would return to the water. Eventually, despite his fears, he jumped into the river and the shadow disappeared as soon as he jumped. Seeing this courage of that dog, I got a very big lesson . A person has to leap despite his fear. Success is found only by a person who combats fear with courage. ”

And my third guru is a small child. I was passing through a village that I saw a small child carrying a burning candle. He was going to place a candle in a nearby church. I jokingly asked him if you lit this candle? He said, I have lit it. So I told him that there was a moment when this candle was extinguished and then a moment came when this candle burned. Can you show me
  "The child laughed and extinguished the candle and said, Now you have seen Jyoti. Where was he told? You tell me "
  "My ego is shattered, I am getting knowledge." And at that moment I realized my own stupidity. Since then, I lost my hands with blank knowledge. "

* What is the meaning of being a disciple, friends ? To be a disciple means to be open to all existence. Be ready to learn from all sides at all times. Every moment of life gives us a chance to learn something. We should always keep on learning good things by becoming a disciple in life. This life keeps on mixing us with a guru in some form in the coming days, it is up to us if we become a disciple like that mahant with that guru. You are not able to receive the education you are getting! *


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