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 Who is happy?

 A disciple asked his guru - Gurudev

 Who is happy in this miserable world?

 The Guru replied -Vats"  Whoever does not have to pay a debt of a single penny and does not take more than a minute to deal with defecation, is happy.

 The disciple asked - why Gurudev like this?

 So the Guru said - because if you are not in debt, you will remain cool and carefree.  Worrying about debt worsens health and also causes humiliation.

In the same way, whoever has to wait while trying to defecate, does not have to stress and immediately clears his stomach, what to say about his digestive power!  Therefore, if the financial condition is good and the body is healthy, then the mind will also be happy.  Just such a person will be happy.

Who is sad?

The first grief of the world is poor, more grieving than that which is to be repaid by someone, more grieving than both of these is a man who is always sick, but the most grieving of these is the one whose wife or husband is of a wicked tendency.

 In the above verses, there are different types of grieving person, which is also correct.
 But it has come to experience that as long as we have the desire and effort to give happiness to ourselves and grief to others, we will remain unhappy.
 Don't be what we want
 This is the root cause of sorrows.

It seems you are doing all the workouts to achieve God?

 When was he unavailable?
 In fact, there is no way to get it, its name is the world,
 And the one who has no way to lose, his name is God.
 To gain this world, man puts his life at stake and discovers that there is no way to lose it.  God is not a matter of recognition, God is a matter of cognition.  We have accepted that there is God, it will not work.

Some people were discussing something among themselves in one place.  Among them was Sethji, a householder, a Karma Kandi Pandit.  Sethji said, 'God is very kind to me with the blessings of your great men.  There is bungalow, motorcar, factory is going well.  Children are also cultured and obedient.  Both daughters are married, they are happy in their in-laws' house.  No one is as happy as me.  Hearing this, that ritualistic Brahmin said, Sethji!  Do you call this happiness as happiness?  Hey, is the happiness of this world also any happiness?

 When your body is left, then this kothi-cart will be lying here.  These sons and family will remain here.  None of these are going to work in the hereafter.  That is why we do bhajan-pujan and yajna, so that there will be happiness in heaven.

 Your happiness is earthly, which will remain here.  Nothing is going to happen after death.  The happiness of heaven is greater than the happiness of the world. That is why we are arranging higher happiness from you - through yajna etc.

 A monk was also sitting with him.  They said, oh crazy!  The happiness you talk about, that happiness is not eternal.  To enjoy the happiness of heaven, you must submit an advance of virtue.  And as long as he is virtuous, then only you will be allowed to stay in heaven.  When that virtue is reduced, then you will have to return to this world.  The pleasure of heaven is greater than the happiness of the world, but brother, the happiness that is greater than the happiness of heaven,

 We try for the same happiness.  What pleasure is that?  One asked.  The monk said, of salvation.  Neither shall we go to hell nor to heaven.  The pleasure of salvation is more than the happiness of both of you, we want to achieve the same happiness.

The simple devotee bowed his hands to the three great men first and then said, We do not have the happiness that Seth ji has.  Therefore, nothing can be said about that happiness.  Nobody knows about the yajna of Panditji.  And the happiness of the ascetic is even more enigmatic.
 I can understand it only after chanting and meditation.

 But the benefit of the satsang of all three of you great men, the happiness of this satsang that I am experiencing right now, seems that there is no more happiness in the world than this.  When God is very kind, he gives satsang,
 Only then the satsang is utilized.

 Satsang is not a seasonal business that was done in Shravan and forgotten in Bhadan.  Believe the truth, there will be regular satsang, than this Thakurji has no more grace.  And there is no greater happiness than this.  Bungalow, be a motorcar in the world, respect in society, if there is honor, then there is grace.
But God is very pleased if you are getting satsang while sitting at home.

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