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Importance of Sindoor

Have you thought about Hanuman's relationship with Sindoor, a means of grooming housewives, married women?

 After all, what is the reason that Balabrahmachari Hanuman is adorned with Sindoor ?  Today, you will tell the story of Ramayana in which what is the relationship between Hanuman and Sindoor?

 In the Ramcharit Manas composed by Tulsidas, this incident of Hanuman ji has been described very beautifully.

 According to this legend, when Lord Rama came to Ayodhya including Sita Lakshman and Hanuman after Lanka's victory, then one day Hanuman saw Sita Mata wearing red color in her head.

 When Hanuman did not understand that it was a red colored thing, he asked Sita, "Mother, what have you put in your head?"

 Sita tells Hanuma about sindoor.  Hanuman asked the reason for planting sindoor , then Sita said that applying this sindoor increases the life of Shri Rama and he stays healthy.

 When Hanuman heard this, immediately went and applied sindoor on his entire body.  Hanuman's entire body became red by applying sindoor.

 At that stage Hanuman went to the court of Shri Ram.  Seeing Hanuman like this, everyone started laughing and Ram too smiled.

 Rama asked Hanuman that what is the reason behind putting sindoor on the whole body?

 Hanuman said that when Sita Mata looks like a pinch of sindoor and it increases your lifespan, I have come with sindoor on my whole body, so that you become immortal.

 Hearing this talk of Hanuman, Shree Rama embraced Hanuman in a different mood.  From that day onwards, Hanuman began to be adorned with sindoor .

 Even today, sindoor is offered to the idol of Hanuman in all temples.  It is said that Lord Hanuman is pleased by offering sindoor and fulfills all desires.

 Importance of Sindoor
 ๐ŸŒบ If a wife is in the middle of a head , then her husband's famine cannot die.
 The woman who hides the vermilion of her head from her hair, her husband hides in the society
 When a woman does not apply sindoor in the middle head , she puts sindoor towards the shore, her husband avoids it.
 If there is sindoor in middle head among the woman, then her husband's life is long.
 A case comes in Ramayana when Sriram did not kill Bali when there was a war between Bali and Sugriva.
 When Sugriva came to Shri Ram after hitting his hands, Shriram said that your face and hair are the same, so I got confused.
 Do you think
 Can anyone hide from Shri Ram's eyes?
 The real thing was that when Shri Rama saw that the head of Balis wife Tara was full of sindoor , he did not kill Bali, honoring Sindur.
 The second time when Sugriva challenged Bali, Tara was taking a bath, at the same time God saw that the opportunity was good and left the arrow.
 Now tell me when
 If the sindoor is full in head , even God does not kill it, then what else will anyone kill.
 (Note: - Death is the ultimate truth of life, which has to happen. Here death means akin to akamalrityu or death.
 Similarly, increasing or decreasing age means health or ill health).
 ๐ŸŒบ I am doing this post because nowadays fashion is going on not to apply sindoor or to apply light or to put an edge in the middle head.
 I hope that all my mother and sisters will understand the importance of sindoor from this post, and for the long life and good health of their husband, the sindoor of their husband's name will be filled in their head.
 Thank you

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