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Great significance of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

Great significance of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

Susarma was a man of badly great intelligence. He was the head of sinners. He was born in the clan of Brahmins who were void of Vedic knowledge and did cruelty, he neither meditated, chanted, nor did homa nor greeted the guests. He was always engaged in the consumption of subjects due to dissipation. The plow used to and make a living by selling leaves. He was addicted to alcohol and also used to eat meat. In this way, he spent a long period of his life. One day, foolish person Susharma was roaming in the garden of a sage to bring  leaves. In the meantime he was bitten by a black snake who had died in the forest.

 . Subsequently, after going through many hells and suffering there, he returned to the land of death (Earth) and there was a bull carrying a burden. At that time, a lamb bought him to spend his life comfortably. The bull spent seven-eight years with great pain, carrying a load of cripples on its back. One day lamb drove the bull with great speed to a high place for a long time. Due to this, he tiredly fell on the earth and became unconscious. At that time, many people gathered to be enchanted there. Any saintly person from that community donated his virtue for the welfare of that bull. Thereafter, some other people also remembered their virtues and donated them to him. A prostitute was also standing in that crowd. Even though he did not know his virtue,she made a sacrifice for that bull by the people.

Subsequently, the emissaries of Yamraj took that dead creature to Yampuri first. Considering that it has become virtuous by virtue of prostitute, it was abandoned, then it came into the land  and was born in the house of Brahmin with noble clan and piety. Even at that time, he remembered the things of his previous birth. After a long time, curious about the welfare of the person who removed his ignorance, he went to the prostitute and, speaking of his donation, he asked: 'What virtue did you donate?' The prostitute replied: 'He sits in a cage reading a parrot everyday. That has made my conscience pure. I donated the same virtue for you. After this both of them asked the parrot. Then that parrot remembered its past birth and started telling ancient history.

Shuk said: In my previous life, even though I was a scholar, I was fascinated by the pride of scholarship. My rage and malice had increased so much that I started to feel jealous towards the quality scholars, then I died in time and I wandered in many disgusting worlds. Then came to this world. I was born into a family of parrots because of the very blasphemy of the Sadguru. Being a sinner, I disconnected from my parents at a young age. One day I was lying on the road in summer. Some of the best monks picked me up from there and put me in a cage inside the ashram in the shelter of the Mahatmas. That's where I was taught. Children of sages used to respect the first chapter of Gita with great respect. Hearing from them, I started reciting again and again. Meanwhile, a stealing fowler stole me from there. Then this lady bought me. I practiced this first chapter in the past, from which I have overcome my sins. Then the conscience of this prostitute has also been purified by this and due to his virtue, these Dwijshrestha (great scholar) Susarma too have been freed from sin.

In this way, all three of them continued to practice the Gita at their respective homes, by mutual conversation and praising the greatness of the first chapter of the Gita, then they got liberated after gaining knowledge. * Therefore, one who reads, listens and practices the first chapter of the Gita crosses this bhavasagar(From the cycle of birth and death of the world). 

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