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When Shri Krishna destroyed the ego of his devotees.

When Shri Krishna destroyed the ego of his devotees.

Lord Krishna and Queen Satyabhama in Dwarka
 Were seated on the throne together, near Garuda and
 Sudarshan Chakra was also sitting.  Divine glory on the face of three
 Was reflected
 Queen Satyabhama spoke to Shri Krishna in many things
 Asked, Lord, you incarnated(AVTAAR ) as Rama in the Treta Yuga
 Took, Sita was your wife.  Do they me
 Was even more beautiful?  Got it
 That Satyabhama is proud of her form.

 Then Garuda said that God what in the world
 One who can fly even faster than me. Sudarshan Chakra also,
 He  could not keep up with the proudly and he also got up. Said to
  God, in big wars I
 You have got Vijayashree.  What in the world from me
 Is anyone too powerful?
 God was smiling dimly.  Shreekrishna understood that
" All three devotees have arrogance and
 The time has come to destroy his ego."
 Thinking this, he said to Garuda, O Garuda!  you
 Go to Hanuman and say that Lord Rama,
  is waiting for you with Maa Sita.  Garuda
 He went to fetch Hanuman with the permission of God.
 Here Shri Krishna told Satyabhama that Goddess you
 Get ready as Sita and Dwarkadhish himself
 Took the form of Rama.  Madhusudan's Sudarshan Chakra
 While giving permission to say that you are at the entrance of the palace
 Keep watch  And remember that according to my command
 No one should enter the palace.
 At the entrance of Chakra Mahal after getting the permission of God
 Be deployed.  Garuda approaches Hanuman
 Said, O monkey!  Lord Rama, Mother Sita
 Waiting to meet with you in Dwarka

 Have been.  You go with me  I am on your back
 I will sit there and take it there soon.  Hanuman
 Modestly said to Garuda, you go, I come.  Garuda think
 I do not know when this old monkey will arrive.  Well
 I walk to God.  Garuda quickly thinking
 Fly towards Dwarka.  But what is this, Garuda after reaching the palace
 We see that Hanuman was already in the palace
 Sitting in front.  Garuda's head bowed with shame.
 Then Shri Ram told Hanuman that Pawanputra you
 How did you enter the palace without permission?
 Do you
 No one stopped the entrance?  Hanuman hands
 Sudarshan Chakra with his head bowed while connecting
 Removed and placed it before the Lord.  Hanuman
 Said that this chakra
 had stopped me , so keep it in my mouth I come to see you
 Bhagwan  I'm sorry.  God smiled dimly.
 Hanuman asked Ram with folded hands
 Lord!  Today you give in place of Mother Sita
 Gave so much respect to Maid
 Sits on the throne.
 Now Queen Satyabhama's ego disbanded
 It was the turn of  He had an ego of beauty,
 Which was broken in a moment.  Rani Satyabhama,
 The pride of the three Sudarshan Chakras and Garuda was crushed.
 They were thinking of God.  With three eyes
 Tears started flowing and they bowed down at the feet of God.  wonderful
 Lila is of God.

The egoism of his devotees to his Done away only by devotee....

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