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Story of Shri Krishna Bhakta Gujari

Story of Shri Krishna Bhakta Gujari

In Bugadar village of Karauli
 A naive and poor woman used to live in Gujri. She was an exclusive devotee of Lord Madan Mohan. Lord Madan Mohan was also very happy with him. He used to see him in a dream and sometimes asked him to eat something, sometimes something. She would have presented him with the same thing the next day, but she would serve him milk daily. She would visit him every day and would give him milk.
Milk would also be given to other people in Karauli city. But Madanmohanji would give milk on his own behalf. He would not take his money, but on the way to Karauli, the river used to mix water with milk. Once a small fish was mixed with the water of the river. Gujari did not see fish. Coincidentally, while giving milk to Madan Mohan, the fish went away with milk. Madan Mohan's servant Goswami saw fish. They cracked the Gujari and stopped taking milk from him.

Gujari felt as if he had been reprimanded by Madanmohan himself. He was very sad to be deprived of Madan Mohan's service. He went home and gave up food and water. Wept all day long. The mind kept praying to Madanmohan --- Thakur, forgive the crime that happened to me.
I add water to milk every day; Because I have to give the same milk every day to other people. If I don't add water, how can I survive? I have only one cow, which does not give much milk. The milk that I sell by mixing water, my business somehow works; it is not hidden from you. You never objected to my milk. Daily kept on loving me. Today, unfortunately, fish came out. My fault is that I did not filter and mix the water. Now I will filter the water and mix it. If you start accusing water of adding water, then I will not add water. If I get half a stomach to eat food, I will be satisfied with selling milk without getting water, but you do not deprive me of your milk service that has been going on for so many days, I will not be able to tolerate it. I will do as you command me, and I will not accept food or water until you order me, whether I live or die.

Thus, while praying with weeping the evening has come. At the same time, he had to hear the sound of a sweet gorge.
 'Maiya, O Maiya, she bend the neck, then saw Salona Lala, the handsome, a teenage adult wearing Pitambar standing at the door, who suddenly attracted her and was forced to say -' Lala, come sit down.
(salona= pretty)
Lala sat near him. Gujri asked- 'Lala! Where have you come from, never seen you before.
 'Maiya, I live in Braj. I have come to see Madan Mohan. I will go and see you tomorrow morning.
 'So tell me, Maharaj! What should I do?
 Service is nothing, it would have been nice if you had a stay here for only one night.
 'Stay with your hobby sir, the house is yours.'
 Lala stayed at Gujari's house. Gujari asked - 'Baba, what will you eat?'
 'Maiya, I am a milkman. I do not take anything except milk. Drink if there is milk. '

'Milk is Lala, but it is stale in the morning. Will feed the cow in a short while, then feed fresh milk. Wait a while. '
'Maiya, I have not eaten anything since morning. Hunger is very strong. I will drink stale milk Bring it, give it.
 'Lala, this milk is not good. Some water was added to it. And the fish came with water. '
 'Maiya , what happened? Sieve and give.
 'Lala then, let it boil. My mind got very sad in the morning, so without kept boiling.
 "Hey, give me raw, I am very hungry."
 Seeing Lala's impatience, Gujri immediately filtered milk and gave it to him. Lala , after drinking milk, looked at Gujri satiety and said --- 'Maiya your milk is very tasty'.
Lala fell asleep after drinking milk. Gujri also lay down, but where did the hungry and thirsty sleep? It was winter time. He thought Lala would feel cold. Covered him own torn sari. He fell asleep in the rest of the night. Madan Mohan said in a dream - 'You are giving life behind serving milk. When did you miss your service, used to give milk in the temple every day.

Yesterday I came to your house and drank milk. Gusaini will not say anything everyday by giving milk. What happens if you add water? He quickly digests. Now get up and have your meal. ' At the same time, he kept on sleeping. Look at Lala. They saw that they did not. It did not take long for him to understand that Madan Mohan had come to drink milk as Lala. He got up quickly and happily made two pieces. Sitting with joy, offering jaggery to Madan Mohan and eating it. She was being eaten and was shedding joy. Dawn broke in a while.

It is said that Lala had left his Pitambara, taken a sari. At the time of Mangala Aarti in the morning, Goswami ji saw him wearing a sari when he was immersed in wonder and worry. They understood that Madan Mohan had done some Leela, but could not understand the secret of Leela. A little time later, Gujai came with the Pitambar of Madan Mohan and said --- 'Gusai Maharaj, this is Madan Mohan's Pitamber. Yesterday, he made a mistake. Pitamber left my house, took my saree.
Now Goswami ji understood the whole secret. He started to curse himself again and again - 'I did no good by putting my leg between the devotee and God. What should I consider their devotionless love behavior? To serve Madan Mohan daily, he used to give milk with Gujari love, pure or impure as he was, Madan Mohan would accept him with love. Who was I to refuse Gujari? I took offense to both. Due to me, the devotees of Gujari were shocked. Because of me Madan Mohan had to go to her house to convince her and wipe her tears. ' He fell at the feet of Gujari and apologized to him. Then there was no delay in correcting Madan Mohan's mistake. Removed the saree from his shrivigra and gave it to Gujari and took Pitambar from Gujari and covered it.

Did Madan Mohan really make a mistake by changing the saree from his Pitamber? Madan Mohan never forgets. They are very clever. Cleverly do the act of making a mistake. This time he also acted. In fact, the value of that sari was more than Pitamber for them. The happiness and the warmth they were getting from wearing their beloved devotee, Prana Pyaari Gujari's sari sari, where was it in Pitamber? The sari was not a sari, it was Gujari in the form of a sari, which he kept with own heart.

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