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Ardh Narishwar Shiva and Shivling

Ardh Narishwar Shiva and Shivling

Polytheism has a reputation in Indian culture, it is true but Lord Shiva is considered as Bhole Baba. They are worshiped under many names and each name illuminates their qualities. He is called Ashutosh because he is very happy to get rid of the misery of his devotees and he is named Shankar because of his constant welfare.

The philosophy of deva culture comes alive in the form of Shiva's Adradhanarishwara. From the head to the feet, half of Shiva's body is half of Shiva and half of Parvati. This symbol makes it clear that woman and man are the same soul.

According to Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Ardhanarishwar is not only a symbol of the fact that both men and women are incomplete as long as they are separate, but also that the woman is not incompetent. A woman who does not have the courage to fight against manhood ie injustice is also incomplete.

Shivalinga is actually the embodiment of the light as a symbol of God. The word Jyotirlinga is a proof of this. Initially, there was a provision to keep the lit places continuously lit, but protection of this lamp was not easy at all. Due to this, the lamp was given a tangible form. Twelve Jyotirlingas established in different corners of the country are still huge centers of reverence. The Puranas have symbolic descriptions of many stories related to Shivalinga behind which philosophical truths are hidden.

All this is symbolic, because Shiva Shakti is such a vast entity that does not require physical relationships like humans.
 Shiv Shakti is Jyoti Punj, so in them we do not have this biological enjoyment like ...
Their organs and senses are made up of light, not macro elements like us. Many universes are manifested only by their desire, they are not offered enjoyment for child or pleasure.
 Shivalinga is also a symbol, the center of power.
 Brahma and energy combine to create the universe. This world is the union of Shakti, the divine consciousness and the root giant.

Please propagate proper knowledge of the idol of Shiva Linga, the symbol of the origin of the universe, the image of the vagina-penis, if you do not understand, ask… but by telling Shivlinga only the meaning of divine female vagina and ling as male penis, of Sanatan Dharma Do not insult.
 Understand the importance of Shivlingam, it is not a normal penis or a vagina, but a strong symbol of realization of the union of the conscious person with an invisible root.

Therefore, this idol should be considered a symbol of the origin of the root consciousness.

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