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Shiva's meditation and human welfare

Shiva's meditation and human welfare

 Only by meditating on Lord Shiva, the welfare of human being is attained.

 The Mahashivaratri festival celebrated on the Chaturdashi of Falgun month is a special festival of worshiping Lord Shiva to get his happiness.
Every Indian wants to be grateful by receiving the grace of Devadhidev Mahadev.  In the same spirit, Shivaratri festival is celebrated in different traditions throughout the country.  Bhootbhavan Lord Shiva is the god of the welfare of the universe, as it appears in his name- Shiva means auspicious, Shankar means well-being.  They have to mold themselves accordingly to please them.

There is also the sutra- 'Shivobhutwa Shivam Jayate', that is, our own life should also be engaged in the welfare of the world like Lord Shiva, the characteristics of Shiva should be absorbed in our mind and brain, their true form began to be reflected in our life, then actually worshiped Shiva. The amazing results will start coming out.
Actually, Shiva worship is to create auspicious and welfare thoughts, character and aspirations. The meaning of Shivalinga is auspicious symbol. Shiva is established in a linga form. He progressively develops and encompasses all life. Just as Shiva is also called Ashutosh, he is going to be tough for himself and happy on others soon. Similarly, if a true Shiva worshiper is harsh towards himself and generous towards others, then his Shiva worship will be truly auspicious, for him as well as for creation. In the current era, this message or learning is very important. Today we worry more about our rights and desires. It is against the liberal character of man.

At the time of sea churning, when the poison came out, no gods dared to touch that venom , at that time, Mahadev, by not taking care of himself, drinking the mortal poison for the welfare of the world, stopped the gargle in the throat and 'Neelkanth'. Are called In the current selfish social environment, when humans remain the enemy of human life. Human feelings and harmony are going away.
Violence, untouchability, discrimination, ghosts, sorcery etc. have been deeply rooted in our society despite touching the Moon and Mars. Welfare teachings related to Lord Shiva can prove to be extremely useful in such an uneven situation. The person who abandons selfishness like Lord Shiva and considers Paramarth as his practice, worship, will be able to attain the divinity, that is, the compassion of Shiva will be on him. The Moon gets inspiration from Lord Shiva's forehead, that we should provide happiness, peace and coolness to everyone, not the moon of Chauth, like the dwitiya moon.

The worship of Devadhidev Mahadev will be meaningful only if the person can bring the qualities of giving his affection-water without discriminating like the coldness of the Ganges, the flow of the Ganges and the whole earth in the jata of Shiva.  In the family of the Bhootbhavan Lord Shiva, ghosts, snakes and scorpions, bulls and lions, peacocks and snakes, snakes and rats, living beings of opposing nature also live lovingly.  This teaches that without discrimination, we should take the backward and the backward.  Only if you do not hate anyone, you will get pleasure in Shiva practice.


Mahadev rubs the ashes of the crematorium on the body. It means that we too must remember death all the time so that we can live a clean and clean life. The way Lord Shiva consumed Kamdev with his third eye. Similarly, we should try to remove immorality, obscenity and sexuality from ourselves and society. The current phase is most infected with work and subject effects. To prevent this, it is necessary to open the third eye of time and society, which controls all the daily desires in us.

Shiva wears a garland of Mundas. Seeing this, it seems a bit strange in the senselessness. But this form of Shiva is not terrible but welfare. This form gives us a lesson that we should always control our anger. Similarly, the practice of offering intoxicating substances, such as Aka, Dhatura, cannabis(Bhang) , etc. to Shiva, is the implication that every thing has both good and bad aspects of a person. Offering these intoxicating and toxic substances to Shiva means accepting their Shiva-auspicious (medicinal properties) and abandoning the inauspicious and addictive form.

Similar number of inspirations are also associated with Shiva Deity. Trinetra- Kamdahn with wisdom, Moon-mental balance on forehead, Ganga - flow of knowledge, past - show the way to take rational education from the past. Wearing only the deer of the Lord Shiva is a symbol of impermanence. Accession is a kind of sin, because accession of something means denying others that thing.

Only unacceptable people are worshipable and their life is to establish peace in the world. Significantly, Shiva is the most accepted deity of all society. Everyone from Brahmin to Chandal have the right to celebrate Shivaratri fast. Everyone is same for Bhole Baba. Lord Shiva is called Mahayogi. He sanctified his life through yoga practice. They are the repositories of properties.

 The very auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri calls upon every seeker to get up, wake up, and if you want happiness and peace for yourself and others, then accept the impermanence, simple life, high thoughts, benevolence, equality, harmony and harmony of God. Do not be satisfied only in your progress, but consider the progress of others, your society and your nation as your success. If we can place these messages in our conscience and transform them into action, then only we will be entitled to be called the true followers of Mahakal.

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