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Shiva and Shivaratri

Shiva and Shivaratri

One lotta water and one or two Bilv leaves make Bholenath happy, because he is hungry for emotion, not money. That is why he is considered the God of the common people .. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are called Tridev. Mahesh means Shiva is the Maha Ishwara i.e. the most important of the three gods. Shiva is considered superior in eighteen Puranas. Sadashiva is very easy-going, omnipresent, compassionate and will soon be pleased with the devotees. There is no need for much fanfare in their worship. They become happy with only one pot of water and, if possible, one or two bilv leaves . That is why they are said to be Ashutosh i.e. soon happy. Originally, they are the deities of Adivasis, Guhavasis, forest dwellers, poor and deprived people.

Shiva tale

 There is a story of Lord Shiva in Shivpuran, from which it is clear that he becomes very happy with a little service. A normal person settled on a Bilv tree to spend the night. The leaves of the tree were soaked with drops of dew. In the morning when he came down from the tree, he was filled with awe. In front of him stood a jatajutdhari, a snake in the neck, wearing a tiger skin, and a blonde colour man with and Ash covered on his body, which was adorned on the head by the half-moon. He said fearfully - who are you?

I am Kailashwasi Sadashiv. Pleased with your worship I have appeared to give you darshan. I did not worship you. The man said.

and what is this? Sadashivane pointed with a finger. The man saw, there was a Shivling, with a few drops of water and some leaves of the Bilv tree. He understood that a few drops of dew and leaves had fallen on this Shivling as he moved on the tree.

I did not worship you with any law. Unknowingly whatever happened. There is nothing to be happy

 no problem. As it happened, water and bilva-patra fell on the Shivling through you. My worship is complete.

 This shows that if there is a deity for the oppressed and neglected people of the society, then they are Shiva.

Mahashivratri is the fast of Devadhidev Shiva, who is generous in mind and well-being of all. When it is the fast of Mahadev, its importance is also more than other fasts. It is said in Shivpuran that this fast destroys the sins of crores of murders-


निशीथव्यापिनीग्राह्यात्याकोटिविनाशिनी।। कोटिरुद्रसंहिता

As far as possible, it is considered appropriate to keep Shivaratri fast in a Shiva temple overnight. If the temple is not near, then this fast can also be kept inside the house. Pure clothes should be worn after bathing. By fasting, a person should perform Shiva-puja with material according to his ability. If there is no Shiva-idol or Shivalinga, then the Shivlingam of clay should be built in at least twelve. Awakening throughout the night, performing family dances, songs and bhajans etc. are always very happy. They are hungry for emotion, not money.

One thing needs to be clarified for the welfare of their devotees. Worship without a mantra is incomplete. It is also said in Sanskrit that the gods are subjected to mantras - mantradhina: gods. Fortunately, just as Sadashivaki worship is easy, similarly his mantra is also simple and worthy of chanting by everyone. This is the Panchakshari Mantra- Om Namah: Shivaay. One should observe Mahashivaratri fast while chanting this mantra.

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