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World and worldly attractions

World and worldly attractions

A devotee found one day while searching for Vishnu. Step on hold. Was very happy, was happy. Whatever was wanted was found. Thanked Vishnu a lot and said just one more thing: get me a little work done, get some service done. You gave so much, gave life, gave the ultimate celebration of life and now also gave this ultimate life. Get me some service! I don't feel like I could not do anything for you, you did so much! Give me a little luck! I know, you do not need anyone, nothing is needed. But I will feel that I too could do something for the Lord!

Vishnu said: Can you do it? It will be very difficult to do.
 But the devotee was adamant. So said: Okay, I'm thirsty.
 Vishnu swims in Kshirsagar, how thirsty there! But for this devotee said that okay, I am thirsty. You go and bring a cup of water.
 The devotee ran. You would say it was the ocean of water, it would fill it from there. But the one who is nearby is not visible to anyone. Doesn't seem close We are completely blind to the pass. We see distant things. The farther away you appear, the clearer you are. The moon stars are visible. The immediate neighborhood is not visible. He might not even have seen. You must have been the same person. Ran He said: Just bring it.

walked. Descended into the world. Knocked at a door. A beautiful girl opened the door. The devotee said that Goddess, I can get a cup of cold water.
 The woman said: You have come, Brahmin god! Sit inside! Bless my house! Do not go away from outside like this. Then my father has also gone out. I am alone at home. When they come, they will be very angry that the Brahmin gods have come and you have sent them from outside! No — no, you come in!

The Brahmin gods were afraid for a moment! The woman is beautiful, very beautiful, never seen such a beautiful woman. Vishnu also began to fade for a moment. How long does it take for Vishnu to fade! Such a distant dream started becoming known. So the devotees got scared, scared. Confused because Vishnu started forgetting for a moment. The sound started to go away from a distance.
He said no - no. Sweat on the forehead. But the woman did not agree. He held the hand of the Brahmin deity - that you will not come in, let it go like that. Holding his hand - Vishnu of the Brahmin deity vanished completely. She took it inside. He said: You will take the water, but first take refreshment yourself. So got breakfast, watered.
Secluded! Beauty of that girl! Serving the Brahmin deity by parting that girl! Vishnu slowly descended from memory. Sometimes I would sometimes remember that the poor would be thirsty, then think that what is thirsty to God! They have told me that, otherwise what thirst for them! They are in complete fulfillment! So there is no such hurry. And wait for two moments.

And when the young woman gave the invitation that when you have come, my father must have come in a while, to meet them also, he readily agreed. And the woman continued to serve. And the beauty and the form of the girl kept on attracting the mind. It was evening, father did not return. The woman said: You must have food. Now where will we eat in the evening.
 Made food, ate food. It was night time. The lady said: Where will you go in this night!
Brahmins were also wondering where the night would go now! Waking up early in the morning, leaving in the Brahmamuhurta. Agreed. Then years passed. Then he did not leave from there. Then came to work one by one. What to do if a Brahmin god does! In the morning the girl started saying that the father has not come, to milk the cow, I do not think, you should put it. So we put cow's milk. Then the bull was ill. So the woman said that the Brahmin god, do some service to it too, where should I go to get the medicine! And then all of these also belong to God. The matter was also discussed.

The Brahmin gods stopped and stayed. Then they had sons, daughters, there was a huge spread. Some fifty-sixty years passed. The sons had sons. Then the village was flooded. Severe flooding Brahmin gods have become old. They are trying to get their children and grandchildren out of the flood in some way. The whole village is being submerged. What a terrible flood! Never seen or heard of such. As they are going through the flood, the wife is swept away When the child ran to save his wife, the hand of the child, which was held, lost his hand. By reaching that shore, the whole family disappeared in the flood.
The Brahmin gods stand on a stone rock on that shore and there is a great wave of flood. Vishnu comes on a high wave and is sitting and says: I am thirsty, you have not brought water yet? I already told you, you will not be able to. Because you ran away from the world. One who leaves and runs away, his charm remains.

This story is very sweet ... because you ran away from the world. Did not wake up from the world and rose up. They had closed their eyes towards the world. If you go into the world even for small work, you will get entangled. Went to take water and the whole world settled. Went to Hari Bhajan, cotton was worn! Then when someone sinks cotton, it goes away. Cotton ginning is like this, it is never complete.
 Jai Shri Hari.

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