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Kaikeyi's role in Ram Katha

Kaikeyi's role in Ram Katha

Ramayana which contains Ram Katha. Whose great hero is Shri Rama, who taught us dignity and himself is called Maryada Purushottam and worshiped in the world. Become the ideal and inspiration source of mass community.

In this Ram Katha, there are many characters, who, in their own place, worked their role in the very best way and have given a very good learning to the human community. Regardless of the stories of the villains of the story, such as Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnad, they certainly gave a good message to the human society from their place.

But all the characters, they did not leave their character. But there is one such character in this story of Mata Kaikeyi who gave up her character due to circumstances and became a reason for condemnation. If seen, I do not see any means other than fulfilling the purpose of birth of Ram. Gave Rama her love and affection more than her son.

And in the escalating cycle of Ram Katha, it also led to the exile of Rama and the death of King Dasharatha. At the end of life, King Dasaratha sacrificed Kaikeyi, which was the greatest punishment of any woman caste at that time. And also cursed that from now on, no parent will name his daughter Kaikeyi. How much they must have endured the pain. Having endured that suffering, she gave us a character like Ram - Bharat, which is needed by every household today. In today's post, we will read about Ram - Bharat Milan, so let's move on to the subject. But the story of Ram - Bharat Milan, but you must realize that the seed has been planted by Mother Kaikeyi. O mother Kaikeyi, if I have written something unrestrained, forgive my crime because Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram himself gives you the most love and respect among his three mothers. To insult you would be to insult Shri Ram himself. And insult to Shriram means insult to my Guru Mahadev. Then there will be no hateful person like me in this world. Let us go to the story where love of Maharaja Dasaratha's son, Shriram's dignity and devotion to Shri Bharat are waiting for all of us.

When Rama entered the room of Maharaja Dasaratha, entangled in the trap of his words given to Kaikai, on seeing them, Dasharatha 'Ji' got up and ran towards Ram to spread his arms ... The son asked, "Why distracted." Are (pitashree) father…?
Emotions were flowing from the eyes of the father, he could not answer ... Mother Kaikai replied, "Your father had given me two promises, I am asking today and weeping instead of giving"
 Rama smiled, "What wealth is there in this universe that even the Maharaj does not have the ability to give ...?
 You tell me (Maa) mother, father will definitely give ... "

Mother said without any hesitation, "In the first word I have asked for the kingdom of Ayodhya for Bharata, and in the second promise for you fourteen years of exile ... Now say Ram, will you be able to get…?"
 "There is no question of my getting mother ... When Ram's mother asked for this promise, at the same time she got it, I will leave for forest tomorrow, you can crown Bharat and also give my bless him.
Maharaj Dasaratha shouted, "No son ...! No Rama ... You don't go to the forest ... I will go to the forest in your place Rama, you don't go ..."
 Rama sat down at the father's feet and said, "I have to go, Father! If I am not able to protect your two words, then damn to have Rama, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to fulfill your promise." Give me permission ... "
Dasaratha cried, "No son ...! You are not worthy of the forest Ram ...! You are my life ... You are the life of Ayodhya ... Don't go Ram ...! Your disconnection will not let us live "
"Please left the attachment(Pitashree) father, ...! If your words are incomplete, decorum will be broken, children who cannot protect their father's dignity, it is not fit to be called a child. Can't see you criminalized in the court of the future …! I have to go… "Ram was determined
"I cannot give up your attachment son ...! Son's attachment is the most sacred attachment of the world, no father of the world can break this fascination, if the word breaks then let it break, I will not be able to see you going into the forest, leave Ram." "Don't leave me and go somewhere ..." Maharaja Dasharatha broke down and said.

"Don't take away my good fortune from me Father! On the one hand the prestige of the father, and the desire of the mother on the other, there is an opportunity to fulfill both of them at the same time. I do not have a man born only for pleasure, for enjoyment. So the animals live, I will go to the forest so that the future can learn how to honor the father. The future will learn from me that to protect the honor of the father, even if he has to leave the throne, the son will not be delayed even for a moment. One should learn from Rama that religion is the only pleasure to accept exile on mother's wish "
"It is not right to sacrifice your pleasures for the honor of the father. Son ...! You have your life, your future ...! You think of yourself Ram ..." Maharaj Dasaratha wanted to stop Ram somehow.
 Rama smiled and said, "No father! ... the path of origin of both the son and the urine is the only one which damages the reputation of the father for his enjoyment, that is the urine, not the son, I must go, destiny has Perhaps it is decided that do not be afraid, your Ram will be as happy in the forest as in the palace "

Rama did not agree, he had to perform decorum, Dasharatha also did not agree, he had to show affection to his father, after Rama left, Maharaja Dasharatha lying on Kaushalya's head with Maharastra asked the queen crying, "He has gone. ..! But you don't go ... what will happen to Ayodhya if you go ...? "
Dasharatha smiled even in the extreme of grief and said, "He left the kingdom for me and went to Kaushalya ...! Can I not even give up life for him ...? I have to go if I am alive then my life He will remain standing in front of me as a question mark, he is a man of dignity, then his father also has to fulfill his dignity, will he have to pay anything to be the father of Ram, will he not? ... "
 Nobody stopped, neither Ram nor Dasharatha ... Both played dignity India is standing on the same foundation today, otherwise it would have become a Arab...?
 On the other hand, we are all familiar with the character of Bharata, one who appeared twice in the "Ichvaku" dynasty, gave one the courage of valor, and the other did "righteousness" ... a unique example of family piety and fraternity in Sanatan Dharma. "Bharat".  It is the meaning of Dharma and  Devotion ie. Deadly Combination in nature Shri Bharat ...!

Bharat has a strong foundation in Sri Rams buildings(concept) , Ram is incomplete without Bharata…!
 Multiple of many times was saddened by the pleasurable pleasure of getting Rama to exile when he came to know that he had to take over Ayodhya in the absence of a brother ...!
It is to be known that my Ram used to sleep on the mat made of Kush on the ground while in the forest, while brother Bharat Kutiya lived for fourteen years in the Vanasthali of "Nandigram" three blocks away from the glare of Ayodhya and Bharat also held the same adornment "Munibheesh"(to live just like Saint) . He did what Rama did, and he used to sleep inside the pits in the land so that Bharat did not sleep with Rama's counterpart ... Rama was pleased with Rama's exile as it was the goal of Rama and Lakshmana also got out ... Satrughan was favorite of people of the house, but If anyone has suffered the maximum forest, then it was Rama's Bharat ...!

Goswami Ji addressed "Dharam Dhur Dheera" just once in the entire Ramcharit Manas and it was for Bharata ...

नंदिगाँव करि परन कुटीरा,
कीन्ह निवास धरम धुर धीरा...!
 Nandigaon kari paran kutira,
 Keenh Niwas Dharam Dhur Dhira ...!
 In Chitrakoot, Bharata declared Ram's Charan Paduka as "Maharaj" and promulgated Rama deadly, staring his eyes at Rama, and clearly said Bharata Shree ! if there was a delay of one day from fourteen years, this Bharat "self-immolation" Will do it ... and Ram knew Bharat well that in obeying the word Bharat was even higher than Dasharatha ...!

When Rama returned to Ayodhya after the slaughter of Ravana, the last month of the fourteenth year was Amavasya i.e. the next sunrise would have migrated in the fifteenth year… Rama knew Bharat very well, so he sent a message to Hanuman that the general form of going Please inform Bharat that his brother is coming… and there was no one in the whole "better" Artistes than Hanuman ... Here, Bharat was worried that ...
कारन कवन नाथ नहिं आयउ,जानि कुटिल किधौं मोहि बिसरायउ...!
अहह धन्य लक्षिमण बड़भागी, राम पदार बिन्दु अनुरागी!
Karan Kavan Nath Nahin Aayiu, Jani Kutil Kiddhaun Mohi Bisaraiu…!
 Ahh blessed Bachchim Badabhagi, Ram Padar Bindu Anuragi…!

Bharat's worries were increasing. He told Gurudev that Lakshmans fortune is very big, Gurudev that he gets the opportunity to catch the feet of Lord Rama daily. This evening is final, after that I will sacrifice my body and you will make Shatrughan as the king. ... till then a voice resonates outside Bharata's hut Jai-Jai Shri Ram Jai-Jai Shriram ... Hanuman stood in Brahman disguise at the door of Parn Kutiya (Hut) ... to seeking the Hanuman Than same time Bharat had eyes full of tears just like Ganga-Yamuna river flow, it is no longer just the delay in understanding that the greatest joy of his life, his God is their king to come ...

रघुकुल तिलक सुजन सुखदाता,आयउ कुशल देवमुनि त्राता...!

Raghukul Tilak Sujan Sukhdata, Ayu Kushal Devmuni Trata ...!

 The entire Devlok was eyeing Ayodhya, the live telecast of the event was going on in all the three worlds. The most beautiful scene after the creation of the universe was Prabhu Shri Ram completing the heap of his birth and coming back home to his village. ...!
 Seeing this, there was resonance in the whole of Awadh ... My Ram is coming, My Ram is coming, My Ram is coming, My Ram is coming, My Ram is coming, My Ram is coming out of the trembling lips of Bharat… "My Ram has come "... !!!

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