Monday, November 4, 2019

Radha rani's love

Radha means attainment of salvation

 Once the pronunciation of the name 'Radha' attains salvation
 'Ra' means salvation 'Dha' means attainment
 When Krishna went to Mathura from Vrindavan, there was not even a moment of rest in his life.
 He protected the subjects, returned the king to the plundered kingdoms.
 And gave dignity to sixteen thousand women
 Shri Krishna did not win battles with any miracle, but made life meaningful on the basis of wisdom, yoga and knowledge.
 He took the birth of man, protected humanity, protected the rights, he continued throughout his life, never remained stable, where he called, he would continue to help.
 On the other hand, when Krishna left the Vrindavan, Gopis and Radha  they had lost their existence.

 Radha lost her senses in disconnection to Krishna
 As if there is no life, only the body is left
 Radha Krishna's love was such a unique witness that the waves of Yamuna ji, Vrindavan's kunj lanes, Kadamb trees, at which time when Shyam cows came back to feed, the voice of Murali which always existed in the winds.

  Radha wandering in the forests, calling Krishna Krishna trying to make his love to be immortal, even after hearing his call, Krishna did not look back even once

 But no one heard the vibrations of Krishna's heart, even he himself did not get so much time to listen to his heart.
 Distressed by his own family, while lying in the Prabhas region, he felt the prick of the left arrow of 'Zara'.

 Even then he chanted the name 'Radha' while sacrificing his body.

 Who heard 'Zara' and 'Uddhav' who came there at the same time
 Tears started flowing from 'Uddhav' eye
 After giving Krishna's message to all the people, when they reached 'Radha Rani', only they could say that Radha

 "'Kanha belonged to the world, but Krishna was only for Radha's heart

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