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What is the difference between love, libido(kama) and devotion.

What is the difference between love, libido(kama) and devotion. 

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 * What is the difference between love, libido(kama ) , and devotion? 👏🏵🙇 *

 We know that no one wants to read long posts, everyone starts getting bored, because it doesn't feel like reading good things!
 But if you have love in your life too, then you must read this post, because with this post you will know the difference between love and lust!

 And if you are a devotee then also definitely read because from this post you will know the true meaning of devotion.
 Let's know

 What is the difference between love, libido(kama) and devotion? First we will talk about sex.

 Libido is lust
 "Fleeting" means momentary pleasure.
 Love is
 "Permanent" means slightly far-lasting.
 Is devotion
 "Eternal" means never ending.
 Our life is energy
 And there are three forms of energy,
 Seed form, tree form, flower form,
 Seed means kama
 Tree means love, flower means devotion,
 As long as we are in seed, Kama is full of lust.
 When we become a tree, there will be a revival of love in life.
 And when we become flowers, we will be at the peak of devotion.
 As someone asks
 What is the difference between body, mind and soul…?
 Body is like solid ice
 Mind is like liquid water
 Soul is like invisible steam
 Like you mix two pieces of ice together,
 So they cannot meet because they are gross, they have limits

 Like body (sex)
 And if the same snow melts, the two become water together, the boundary is lost, as if the mind (love) has become
 The body is solid like ice, but the mind is liquid like water, so whatever the mind puts on it gets molded
 Because the mind has a unique liquidity that changes every moment

 Difference between love, libido(kama ) and devotion

 Sex is like the body, and love is like the mind, the demand for love is far above the demand of the body,
 Mind thinks someone's mind
 That is why the one who loves will not go to the entrance of the prostitute!
 But a man full of sex will be comfortable at the entrance to the prostitute
 Because mind needs mind, body needs body, and soul is divine
 That is why the body can be bought but the mind cannot be bought!
 Because the body is rooted and the mind is a little conscious, and the soul is eternal
 The mind wants someone to give everything to them without selfishness, so when two minds meet, it is called love,
 And when two bodies meet, it is called lust!
 We exist beyond this body and mind, which we call soul
 Which is invisible as if the water has evaporated into the sky, but now there is no such limit,
 Which is invisible as if the water has evaporated into the sky, but now there is no such limit,

 The soul has become invisible, the soul has met the divine and that is called devotion!
 The body demands the body, the mind demands the mind, and the soul demands the divine, the soul demands the eternal.
 The soul never wants the body. The soul does not even accept the love of the mind.

 Because the mind is liquid, where the shield is seen and swept away, today I loved someone else, tomorrow became someone else.

 No confidence in the mind
 Therefore the soul asks for the divine, the eternal, who always "was"
 Is "and always will be"
 This is called devotion

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