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Result of chanting

Result of chanting
 An old woman lived in a village.  Any of his
 No, she would make and sell cow dung and
 She used to live by herself.  But one of the woman
 The specialty was that she was a Krishna devotee, chanting Krishna while getting up
 Used to do even while making the dumplings.  That
 Some wicked people in the village ridiculed his devotion and
 One day those evil men all night of that old woman
 Stole the stove and started saying among themselves that now see how Krishna
 Supports them.  When she wakes up in the morning she sees
 That someone stole all the cakes.  They laugh
 She started saying to her Kanha, "First Makhan
 Used to steal and burst into pieces
 Gopis used to harass this old lady now
 Hide haunts me, well as you wish ”
 He started making dumplings for the next day.
 It was midday then I became hungry but had some food at home
 Was not there, there were two jaggery nuggets so one in his mouth

 Poured a few sips of water and went to lie down.  God is so kind, so own devotee will suffer
 Seeing that they get distracted, that old man
 Sadhika's sufferings could not be tolerated.

 Thought test her before helping her
 So I disguised as a monk and reached his house
 Some started asking for food, the old lady came to her home

 It was a pleasure to see the monk but don't have anything to eat at home
 It was sad to think that he had jaggery
 The only one to eat Baba with cold water
 Gave it to  Baba happy to see the woman's sacrifice
 Done and when the old lady
 Baba told him all his stories
 Giving assurance of help and went to the village sarpanch
 Arrive here  Said to the sarpanch, "Have you heard outside this village
 Someone who stole the old woman who stole, my
 Have a perfection if all the people of the village take care of themselves
 If I come, then on the strength of my accomplishment, all of that old woman
 I will separate the dumplings.  The sarpanch was a good person
 Suffering of theft of the stems of old woman too
 Was so, he immediately spoke about Krishna as Sadhu Baba
 I agreed and thrashed in the village that all
 Immediately bring the top of your house on the village chaupal.  Gin
 Evil people had stolen the old woman's
 Mix the dung cakes in their stems and collect them in that pile.
 They thought that all the cakes are the same, so the monks
 How will Baba recognize you?  God to the wicked
 Believe both leela and power
 Does not happen.  Sadhu, gave ear to all the cakes 
 Separate the old woman's stems by applying them.  Older woman
 The dimples were immediately recognized and
 There was no place for their happiness, they
 Wake up your hands, salute the monk
 Gone.  The wicked who stole the old woman
 Baba did not understand that he set his ears
 How did you recognize the dimples, so when Baba is away from the village
 When they come out, they are evil, ask Baba to know the reason
 Arrived, Baba simply said, "Old lady continuous God
 Used to chant his name and in his name
 There was such a feeling that he even went into the dunes, ears
 By applying, they were hearing from whom the name of Krishna
 Emanates from whom Krishna's name is derived
 He had separated them.
 This is the result of chanting, so we have
 It should be chanted while doing the act, God on us

 That there is grace and rescue from crisis. 

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