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Clearness of mind--Why do people not get mind clean even after worshiping God?

Why do people not get mind clean even after worshiping God?


 It is absolutely true that by performing Hari-bhajan, performing Hari-nam, the person's mind is refined, his self-strength increases, he feels satisfaction in his life, his influence increases, his worldly fascination is over.  it happens.

 Not only this, Haribhajan fills his life with happiness, he feels the grace of God at every event of his life.
 Haribhajan should be in the right form, in the right direction, in the right "perception" and with the right purpose.

 1) He should not be proud of the world.  He has to live in the right spirit that he is the slave of Lord Krishna's slaves.

 2) To remember the life character of the devotees, one has to increase tolerance in their behavior.

 3) There should not be madness in your heart to respect your honor.  Whatever is good in our life, we should give all the credit to Guruji, Vaishnav and God.

 4) All should be treated with respect.  And as far as the matter is concerned, we should know that who is a junior devotee, who is moderate and who is good, according to that they should be respected and served.

 The right direction means that if we are praying to God with some desires, then we should move towards the path of love with ease and towards the path of love in a senseless way.

 Correct empiricalism means that we have to do hari-bhajan according to the directions of a devotee about whom the Vaishnava devotional doctrine Saraswati Goswami Thakur Prabhupada Ji said -

कनक कामिनी, प्रतिष्ठा-बाघिनी,
छाड़ि आछे यारे, सेई तो वैष्णव।
सेई अनासक्त, सेई शुद्ध भक्त,
संसार तथाये, पाये पराभव।

 Kanak Kamini, the pratistha -baghini
 Chhadi achhe yare, sei and vaishnav
 Sei Anasakta, Sei suddh bhakt,
 Sansar tathaye, paaye parabhav

 "We should experience a devotee who has no greed for worldly riches and a desire for worldly pleasures and prestige that is not even remotely touched. Also, whose heart is compassionate towards creatures and Shri Krishna  - be full of love. "

 True Purpose - We should follow the devotional organs, as per the will of God.  To understand, Kansa also remembers God and Prahlad also, Pootna gives milk and Mother Yashoda also.

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