Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Mirror of Mind

                     Mirror of mind ...


 The Acharya of a Gurukul was very impressed with the service of his disciple.  After the completion of learning, when the disciple started leaving, the Guru gave him a mirror as a blessing.
 He was not an ordinary mirror.  That divine mirror had the ability to reflect any person's sense of mind.

 The disciple was very happy with this blessing of the Guru.  He thought why not check the ability of the mirror before walking.
 In his hurry to take the examination, he first turned his face to the mirror in front of Guruji.
 The disciple was shocked.  The mirror was showing that the deeds of attachment, ego, anger etc. are clearly visible in Guruji's heart.
 My idol, my teacher is so full of qualities!  He was very sad thinking this.  With a sad heart, he left the Gurukul with a mirror, but the same thing continued in the mind all the way.  The Guru, who was considered an ideal man without all the bad qualities, but the mirror told something else.
 He had a test instrument in his hand.  Therefore, he would have tested what he got.
 He tested him by placing mirrors in front of many of his favorite friends and other acquaintances.  Everyone had some bad luck in his heart.

 Whatever experience was going to hurt everyone, he was wondering why in the world everyone has become so bad.  All are dual minded people.  They are not what they look like.  He somehow reached home with a sad heart immersed in these thoughts filled with despair.
 He got the attention of his parents.  His father has a great reputation in the society.  People call his mother only as a deity.  They should be tested.
 He also tested the parents with that mirror.  He also saw some bad luck in his heart.  It is also not completely free from bad luck.  The whole world is running on falsehood. Now the restlessness of the mind of that child was out of tolerance.
 He picked up the mirror and walked towards Gurukul.  Arrived quickly and went straight in front of his Guru.  Guruji had guessed the whole thing by seeing the restlessness of his mind.

 The disciple said to Guruji politely - Gurudev, with the help of your mirror, I saw that there is a variety of faults in everyone's heart.  Why haven't any innocent gentleman shown me yet? I say with pardon that I saw in myself and my parents a stock of faults.  This makes my mind very upset.
 Then Guruji laughed and he turned the mirror towards the disciple.  Pupil got stunned .  Every corner of his mind was filled with rage, malice, ego and anger.  There was no corner that was pure.
 Guruji said, son, I gave you this mirror to improve your life by looking at your bad luck and not to find the badness of others. The more time you spent looking at the faults of others, the more time you would have spent improving yourself.  Your personality would have changed.
 The biggest weakness of man is that he is more interested in knowing the badness of others.  Does not think about improving oneself.  This is the lesson of this mirror which you could not understand.
 If we start improving ourselves little by little, our personality will change.
 Just think calmly what you are going to do.

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