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End of a devotee's wrath

End of a devotee's wrath

There was a great devotee of Lord Shiva named Narahari Sunar. He lived in Pandharpur. He was so merry in Shiva devotion that he neither saw nor was eager to see Vitthal Lord even while living in Pandharpur.

 Narhari used to work as a goldsmith, and whenever he would make any jewelery, he would chant the name of Shiva, Shiva, Shiva. Divine beauty was reflected in his ornaments made.
 A moneylender lived in Pandharpur itself, and was a devotee of Lord Vitthal. He had no son. He asked the Vitthal lord if he had a son. So he will wear a gold girdle to Lord Vitthal.
 Vitthal gave birth to a son by the grace of God. He reached Narhari Sunar and said, "Narhari Ji! Vitthal God has pleased me and has given me a son."

Therefore, according to Manoti (vow) today, Vitthal wants to wear a girdle of gold-studded gold to God. No other than you can build such a girdle in Pandharpur. Walking in the temple, you circumambulate the Vitthal God, take the size of the waist of the Vitthal God and prepare the girdle quickly.
 Hearing the name of Lord Vitthal, Narhari said, "Brother! I do not enter the temple of any other deity other than Shiva. You get the other goldsmith to get the girdle ready."
 The moneylender said, "Narhari ji! There is no other goldsmith like you in Pandharpur, so I will make you girdle from you. If you do not want to go to the temple, I will bring the Vitthal Lord's waist." Narhari ji Yes, I did.

The moneylender Vitthal came with the Lord's waist and Narhari Ji made a gold girdle of that size. The moneylender gladly started wearing the adorable god Vittal to the god, taking that girdle, then that girdle grew four fingers in the waist. The moneylender came back to Narahari with a girdle and made him four fingers smaller.
 When he again reached the temple with the girdle and the priest wanted to wear the girdle to the god Vitthal, now this time, four fingers came out. Narahari ji then increased the girdle, then it grew four fingers. This happened many times.
 The priest and other devotees advised the money lender that Narahari ji himself should take the name of Lord Vitthal. On the request of the money lender, Narhari agreed to go to Vitthal Lord's temple with great difficulty and measure himself.
 But thinking that he would not see Vitthal God, he placed a condition in front of the moneylender. Before entering the temple, I will blindfold you and I will take the measure of Vitthal Lord's waist by palpitating with hands.

The moneylender agreed to this condition of Narhari.  Narhari tied with cloth his eyes before proceeding towards the Pandurang temple .  The moneylender brought them inside the temple and made Vitthal stand before the Lord.
 When Narahari ji moved his hand to measure and began to grope the Deity, he felt that he was touching the Deity of Lord Shiva, wearing a five-faced, ten-handed, snake ornament, wearing a jata on the forehead.  Have been.  Narhari ji thought, "Some moneylender did not bring Vitthal to Shiva to replace me."
 Thinking that he could not escape from the greed of seeing the deity of his deity and was happy, he opened his eyes.  I saw Lord Vitthal in front of him.  He quickly put the bandage on again, but as soon as he touched it, he felt like Shiva.  As he opened the bandage again, only then was Lord Vitthal.  This happened many times.

Narahari ji understood that the one who is Shiva is the Vitthal and the one who is Vitthal is the Shiva. Now he threw off his body and Vitthal fell at the feet of God. There is no difference between you two. On this simplicity of Narahari ji and perseverance towards his favorite, Vitthal God was pleased.
 Seeing this Shiva devotion, he wore a Shiva lingam on his head. Now, Narahari ji lovingly measured the waist of the Vitthal god, and made a girdle. That girdle came perfectly right.
 Even today, with the love of Lord Shiva's devotion to Lord Hari, Vitthal is wearing a Shivling on his head.

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