Sunday, November 3, 2019

The purpose of human birth

The purpose of human birth {must read} 

When the infant is in the mother's womb, then there is a very small space, the baby cannot even move and there is such a place and remains where the mother is wrapped in feces and urine and  He also hangs upside down, every human stays for nine whole months, wrapped in feces and urine, will become poor after money, later will become poor, then the condition of all is equal in the womb and when the infant is two to three months, then  Which oop  The curtain that is the skin of layer is not that only the carcass of flesh is there and when the mother eats anything salt-chilli, then the child feels directly, just think how much it will hurt, if we bite a little, then there is so much pain and there  The whole is equal to the bite, which the infants cannot bear, they end up in the womb itself.  Jeeva says God get me out of this hell, God says I will get you out then what you will give me Jeeva says, what can I give you what I am worth giving you, God says no you can give when I  If you send me as a human, then come to do such a thing that you will not have to come again in this death-world, therefore I am sending you as a human, the human says, God, I will forget you.  Will catch me, God says I will remind you Do not worry, now you can ask that God has not reminded you but it is not that we did not remind you that we are telling you through this story  They are telling you with the inspiration of God, you are not so good that the God appeared to you, this Veda-Purana reminds you of this, we cannot

blame God that you did not remind  Now what we have done, it is a matter to remember, have we completed God?  If you go to do the work of God, then you will go to party with stinginess, then with open hands, the work that takes you to hell, and the work that takes you to heaven, they do very little or not at all that we are modern.  A hotel feels less to give twenty rupees to a waiter, when he is getting a salary, and to pay twenty rupees to a beggar sitting on the street, it would be much more when he really needs the work that should be taken in the abode of God.  Do not do and do the work that takes you to hell, there is no time for worship and there is a lot of time to go to disco, you forgot God in your small world and God who  He has not forgotten you, he keeps remembering you every moment, why?  Are you more great?  No, if you do not want my brother and sister to benefit you, then make good use of human life

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