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Different names of Shiva

Different names of Shiva

Shiva's personality is huge, looking at it from many dimensions, many names have been given to him:

 Maheshwar - Being the God of great beings and full of the glory of the pure world.

 Badwamukh- The mouth of the sea situated in the sea is filled with water.

 Anant Rudra- There is a praise in the Yajurveda called Shatarupriya.

 Vibhu and Prabhu - Because of being world wide.

 Pashupati - Because of following snakes.

 Polymorphic(Bahuroop) - Due to multiple forms.

 Sarvvishwaroop - comprises all worlds.

 Dhurjati - are smokeless.

 Trimbak - sky, water, earth adopt all the three Ambaswarpa goddesses.

 Shiva - the benefactor, is the giver of prosperity.

 Mahadev- Follows the great world.

 Sthanu - The lingual body is always stable.

 Vyomkesh - The rays of the Sun and Moon which are illuminated in the sky are considered to be his hair.

 Bhootbhavabhavabhbhoy - There are exponents of the world in all three periods.

 Vrishakpi- Kapi means superior, Vrisha is the name of the religion.

 Those who control every deity and defeat their opulence.

 Trinetra - had forcefully generated a third eye on his forehead.

 Rudra - Because of the rudra sentiment.

  Som- The upper part of the thigh is sommay.  He is used by the gods and the under part of the fire is Agnivat.  Fire or 'body' is used in human beings.

 Srikanth - Indra struck Vajra with Shiva's desire to attain Shree.  Vajra Shiva had burnt Kantha, hence he is called Srikanth.

 Ardhanarishwar - This name of Lord Shiva became popular with the meeting of Shiva and Shakti.

 Bhole - Lord Shiva's heart is soft.  He is kind and very happy and forgives everyone.

 Lingam - It means flame of light and this word symbolizes the entire universe.

 Nataraja - It means the god of dance.  Lord Shiva is a lover of Tandava dance, hence he is also called Nataraja

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