Monday, November 4, 2019

Learn from Lord Shiva

Learn from Lord Shiva: -

 The form of Lord Shiva can give us many such lessons which are useful at every step of life.  We further know what we can learn from Shiva's gentle form ...


 Strong Intentions: Shiva is called Rudra and Lord of Gods.  The reason for this is that he only believes once he is determined.  The Rudra form of Shiva passing through anything for his purpose inspires determination.


 Self-control: Lord Shiva is a deity with a will to control every desire.  They have nothing to do with anything from food and drink to enjoyment.  He presents to us the great ideal of control over the senses.


 Message of equality: For success in life, Lord Shiva also gives the message of equality for everyone.  He is called Ardhanarishvara.  That is, he gives a message to appreciate the feelings of both men and women.


 Creativity in Destruction: Lord Shiva is also called the God of Destruction.  It is said that creation of new and revolutionary ideas is possible only by the destruction of old and corrupted ideas.  The character of Lord Shiva gives the message of changing oneself at the level of thought.

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 Strength of patience: Lord Shiva known as Bhole and Shambhu is also known for his patience.  In addition to the rest of the qualities, patience is also needed at every step to get better results of any work.  The message of patience is hidden in the gentle form of Shiva


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