Monday, November 4, 2019

Third eye of lord shiva

Third eye of lord shiva

One name of Lord Bhole Nath is also Trilochan because only Bhole Nath is the one who has three eyes.  Shiva's two eyes open and close normally, but the third eye, Shiva, opens only when Shiva is very angry.  The opening of this eye means the arrival of holocaust

 The three eyes of Shiva symbolize that Lord Shiva contains all three worlds of heaven, death and hell.

 Lord Shiva keeps an eye on the three worlds.  The three eyes of Shiva are the insignia that Lord Shiva is Parambrahma.  Shiva is the father of all the three virtues Raja, Tama and Sattva prevailing in the world.  With their inspiration, Raja, Tama and Sattva qualities are developed.

 The third eye of Shiva is actually the eye of knowledge, whose opening only kills the work.  This is proof that when Shiva ji opened the third eye for the first time, Kamdev was burnt to ashes.  The third eye of Shiva is motivating for man to develop the eye of knowledge so that man can be liberated from libido (kama)and lusts on earth by knowledge.

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