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Avatar of lord shiva

Many incarnations of Lord Shiva are described in Shiva Mahapuran, but very few people know about these avatars.  According to religious texts, there were 19 incarnations of Lord Shiva.  Let's know about the 19 incarnations of Shiva -

 1- Virbhadra avatar-

 This incarnation of Lord Shiva took place when Mata Sati sacrificed her body in a yajna organized by Daksha.  When Lord Shiva came to know of this, he uprooted one of his heads in anger and furiously slammed it on the mountain.  Powerful Virabhadra appeared from  that jata.  This incarnation of Shiva destroyed the Yajna of Daksha and capital punishment Daksha by beheading him.

2- Pippalad avatar -

 The Pippalad avatar of Lord Shiva is of great importance in human life.  The relief of Shani's suffering was possible only with the grace of Pippalad.  Legend has it that Piplad asked the gods - what is the reason that my father Dadhichi left me before birth?  The Gods said that such a misogynism was created due to the sight of (Shani) Saturn.  Pippalad was very angry on hearing this.  He cursed Shani to fall from the constellation.

 Saturn started falling from the sky at the same time under the influence of curse.  On the prayers of the gods, Piplad forgave Shani on the fact that Shani would not trouble anyone from birth to the age of 16 years.  Since then, just by remembering Pippalad, Saturn's pain is removed.  According to Shiva Mahapuran, Brahma himself named this incarnation of Shiva.

 3- Nandi Avatar

 Lord Shankar represents all living beings.  Nandisvara avatar of Lord Shankar also follows the same message of love to all living beings.  Nandi (bull) is a symbol of karma, which means karma is the basic mantra of life.  The story of this incarnation is as follows - Shilad Muni was a brahmachari.  Seeing the descent ending, their fathers asked Shilad to produce children.  Shilad meditated on Lord Shiva by wishing unborn and deathless children.

 Then Lord Shankar himself gave a boon to Shilad to be born as a son.  After some time, while plowing the land, Shilad found a child born from the land.  Shilad named him Nandi.  Bhagwan Shankar made Nandi as his chief of followers .  In this way Nandi became Nandishwar.  Nandi is married to Suyasha, the daughter of the Maruts.

4. Bhairav ​​avatar-

 In Shiva Mahapuran, Bhairav ​​is described as the full form of Param Shankar.  Once influenced by Lord Shankar's illusion, Brahma and Vishnu began to consider themselves superior.  Then there was a mannequin showing in the middle of the bay.  Seeing them, Brahma said - Chandrasekhar you are my son.  So come to my shelter.  Lord Shankar got angry on hearing such a thing of Brahma.
 He said to that virtuosity - because you are beautiful like Kaal, you are a true Kalraj.  Bhairava is horrific.  Kalabhairava, after receiving these vars from Lord Shankar, cut off the fifth head of Brahma with the finger nails .  Bhairava became guilty of the sin of brahmhatya by cutting off the fifth head of Brahma.  In Kashi, Bhairav ​​was liberated from the sin of brahmhatya .  Devotion to Bhairav ​​is said to be mandatory for Kashi people.

 5- Ashwatthama-

 According to the Mahabharata, Ashwatthama, son of Pandavas guru Dronacharya, was the fugitive of Kaal, Krodha, Yama and Lord Shankar.  Acharya Drona had done severe penance to get Lord Shankar as a son and Lord Shiva granted him a boon that he would incarnate as his son.  When the time came, Savantik Rudra incarnated as Ashwatthama, the powerful son of Drona.  It is believed that Ashwatthama is immortal and he still lives on earth.  According to Shivamahapurana (Shatrudrasamhita-37), Ashwatthama is still alive and resides on the banks of the Ganges but it is not stated where he resides.

 6- Sharavathaar -

 Sharabhavatar is the sixth avatar of Lord Shankar.  Lord Shankar's form in Sharabbhaatar was that of half-deer (deer) and the remaining Sharabha bird (the eight-legged animal mentioned in the Puranas which was stronger than the lion).  In this incarnation, Lord Shankar pacified the wrath of Lord Narasimha.  In Lingpurana there is a story of Shiva's Sharavabhaatar, according to him-

 To kill Hiranyakashipu, Lord Vishnu took Nrisinhavatara.  Even after the slaughter of Hiranyakashipu, when the anger of Lord Narsingh did not calm down, the deity approached Shivji.  Then Lord Shiva took shape and he reached Lord Narasimha in this form and praised him, but Narasimha's anger did not calm down.  Seeing this, Lord Shiva in the form of Sharabha wrapped Narasimha in his tail and flew away.  Then somewhere the anger of Lord Narsingh calmed down.  He apologized to Sharadbhaatar and praised him in a very humble manner.

7-Grihpati avatar -

 Grihapati is the seventh incarnation of Lord Shankar.  The story goes like this: On the banks of the Narmada there was a city called Dharmapur.  There lived a muni named Vishwanar and his wife Shuchishmati.One day  Shukishmati, wishing to have a son like Shiva from her husband, after being childless for a long time.  Muni Vishwanar came to Kashi to fulfill his wife's desire.  Here he worshiped Lord Shiva's Veeresh Linga through extreme penance.
 One day Muni saw a child in between Veeresh Linga.  Muni worshiped Balrupadhari Shiva.  Pleased with his worship, Lord Shankar gave the boon to incarnate from Shukishmati's womb.  Later Shukishmati became pregnant and Lord Shankar appeared as a son from the womb of Shuchishmati.  It is said that Pitamah Brahma had named that child as Grihapati.

 8- Sage Durvasa -

 The incarnation of sage Durvasa is also prominent in various incarnations of Lord Shankar.  According to religious texts, Maharishi Atri, the husband of Sati Anusaiya, did intense penance with the son on Mount Rakshakul as directed by Brahma.  Pleased with his tenacity, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh all three came to his ashram.  He said - From our share you will have three sons, who will be famous in Triloki and will increase the fame of parents.
 When the time came, Brahmaji's part produced the moon.  Dattatreya, who practiced the best sannyas method from the part of Vishnu, was born and Munivar Durvasa was born from the part of Rudra.

9- Hanuman -

 Hanuman incarnation of Lord Shiva is considered superior in all incarnations.  In this incarnation, Lord Shankar took the form of a monkey.  According to Shivmahapuran, seeing Amrita form of Vishnu, while distributing nectar to the gods and demons, Shiva lashed out and made his ejaculation.
 The Saptarishis stored that semen in a few leaves.  When the time came, the Saptarishis installed the semen of Lord Shiva in the womb through the ear of Anjani, the wife of Vanararaj Kesari, which produced very bright and powerful mighty Shree Hanumanji.

 10- Brisbh Avatar -

 Lord Shankar incarnated Tauras (Brishbh) under special circumstances.  Lord Shankar killed Vishnu sons in this incarnation.  According to religious texts, when Lord Vishnu went to Hades to kill the demons, he saw many Chandramukhi (Beautiful women just like full moon) women there.
 Vishnu love with him produced many sons.  These sons of Vishnu caused great disturbance from Hades to the earth.  Fearing him, Brahmaji took Rishimunis to Shivji and started praying for protection.  Then Lord Shankar took the form of Taurus and killed Vishnu sons.

11- Yatinath Avatar -

 Lord Shankar performed the significance of the guest by taking the Yatinath avatar.  He had tested the Bhil couple by becoming a guest in this incarnation, due to which the Bhil couple had to lose their lives.  According to religious texts, near the Arbudachala Mountains, Shiva devotees lived Ahuk-Ahuka Bhil couple.  Once Lord Shankar came to his house under the guise of Yatinath.  He expressed his desire to spend the night at the Bhil couple's house.  Ahuka reminds her husband of the dignity of the householder, taking a bow and bow himself, and proposes to let the Yati rest in the house.
 In this way Ahuk went out with a bow.  In the morning, Ahuka and Yeti saw that the wild animals had killed Ahuka.  Yatinath was very sad at this.  Ahuka then pacified them and told them not to grieve.  The immersion in life in guest service is religion and we are blessed to follow it.  When Ahuka started burning in her husband's funeral pyre, Shivji gave her the boon to visit her husband again in the next life.

 12- Krishnadarshan avatar-

 Lord Shiva has told the importance of Yajna etc. religious works in this incarnation.  Thus, this avatar is a symbol of complete religion.  According to religious texts, King Nabha was born in the ninth generation of Ikshvakuvanshi Shraddhadeva.  Went to Gurukul to study, when Nabha did not return for a long time, his brothers divided the kingdom among themselves.  When Nabhah came to know this, he went to his father.  The father asked Nabha that he should overcome the temptation of the Parayana Brahmins and complete their Yajna and get their wealth.
 Then Nabhaha reached the Yagya Bhoomi and performed the Yajna by the clear pronunciation of Vaishya Dev Sukta.  The worldly Brahmin Yajna went to heaven by giving away residual wealth.  At the same time, Shiva appeared in the form of Krishnadarshan and said that he has the right over the residual wealth of the yajna.  When there was a dispute, Krishnadarshan Rupdhari Shivji asked him to take a decision from his father.  On asking Nabha, Shraddhadeva said - that man is Lord Shankar.  The residual item in the sacrificial fire is his own.  Nabhagh praised Shiva by obeying his father's words.

13- Avadhoot Avatar -

 Lord Shankar took the Avadhuta avatar and smashed Indra's ego.  According to religious texts, Indra went to Mount Kailash to see Lord Shankar with Brihaspati and other gods.  To test Indra, Shankarji took the form of Avadhoot and blocked his path.  Indra asked the man repeatedly disobediently, even then he remained silent.
 Enraged at this, as soon as Indra wanted to leave the Vajra to strike the Avadhoot, his hand became pilloried.  Seeing this, Brihaspati recognized Shiva and praised Avadhoot's verses, which pleased Shiva and forgave Indra.

 14- The vishuvarya incarnation -

 Lord Shankar is the god of gods.  Every creature born in the world is also the protector of life.  This is the message given by the incarnation of Lord Shankar.  According to religious texts, Vidarbha King Satyarath was killed by enemies.  His pregnant wife saved her life by hiding from enemies.  In due time, she gave birth to a son.  When the queen went to the lake to drink water, the gong made her diet.  Then that child started to suffer from hunger and thirst.  In the meantime, a beggar came there with the inspiration of Shiva.
 Shivji then took the form of a beggar and introduced the child to that beggar and instructed him to maintain it and also said that this child is the son of Vidarbha Naresh Satyarath.  Saying all this, the monk Shiva showed his real form to the beggar.  According to Shiva's order, the beggarine raised the child.  Growing up, that child defeated his enemies by the grace of Shiva and regained his kingdom.

15- Sureshwar Avatar -

 Sureshwar (Indra) incarnation of Lord Shankar reflects his love for the devotee.  In this incarnation, Lord Shankar, pleased with the devotion of a small boy Upamanyu, gave him the gift of his supreme devotion and immortal status.  According to religious texts, Upamanyu, the son of Vyaghrapada, grew up in his maternal uncle's house.  He was always disturbed by the desire for milk.  His mother asked him to go to the shelter of Shiva to fulfill his desire.  On this, Upamanyu went into the forest and started chanting 'Om Namah Shivaya'.
 Shivji took the form of Sureshwar (Indra) and appeared to him and started to condemn Shivji in many ways.  On this, Upamanyu got angry and stood up to kill Indra.  Seeing Upamanyu's strong power and unwavering faith in himself, Shivji made him see his true form and gave him an immortal ocean like Kshirsagar.  At his prayer, the gracious Shiva also gave him a post of supreme devotion.

 16- Kirat Avatar -

 In the Kirat avatar, Lord Shankar tested the valor of Panduputra Arjuna.  According to Mahabharata, the Kauravas seized the kingdom of the Pandavas by deception and the Pandavas had to go on exile.  During the exile, when Arjuna was doing penance to please Lord Shankar, then the monster called Muk sent by Duryodhana took the form of Shukr (pig) to kill Arjuna.
 Arjun attacked his arrow with his arrow, at the same time Lord Shankar, wearing Kirat dress , fired an arrow at the same sugar.  Arjuna could not recognize him due to Shiva's myopia and started saying that the slaughter is slaughtered by his arrow.  There was a dispute between them on this.  Arjuna fought with the Kirat Veshadhari Shiva.  Seeing Arjuna's valor, Lord Shiva was pleased and came in his real form and blessed Arjuna with victory over the Kauravas.

17-Sunatnartak Avatar -

 In order to ask Parvati's father Himachal for his daughter's hand, Shivji wore a Sunatnartak vest.  With Damru in hand, Shivji reached the Himachal home as a nat and started dancing.  Nataraja Shivji danced so beautiful and graceful that everyone was pleased.
 When Himachal asked Nataraja to ask for alms, Nataraja Shiva asked Parvati in alms.  Himachal rage became very angry on this.  After some time Natraj went to show himself to Veshari Shivaji Parvati himself.  On their departure Maina and Himachal got divine knowledge and decided to give Parvati to Shiva.

 18- Brahmachari Avatar -

 When Sati was born in the Himalayas after sacrificing her life in the Yajna of Daksha, she meditated to get Shivji as her husband.  To test Parvati, Shivji dressed as Brahmachari and approached him.  Parvati duly worshiped Brahmachari.
 When Brahmachari asked Parvati the purpose of her penance and upon knowing, she started condemning Shiva and also called him crematorium and Kapalik.  Parvati was very angry to hear this.  Seeing the devotion and love of Parvati, Shiva showed her her true form.  Parvati was very happy to see this.

 19- Yaksha Avatar -

 Shiva, the Yaksha avatar, wore it to remove the unfair and false pride of the gods.  According to religious texts, when the fierce poison came out during the Samudramanthan made by the deity and the demon, Lord Shankar took that poison and stopped it in his gorge.  After this, Amrit Kalash came out.  By consuming amrit, all the gods became immortal as well as they became proud that they are the most powerful.
 In order to break this pride of the gods, Shiva took the form of Yaksha and placed a straw in front of the gods and asked him to cut it.  Even after applying his full power, the gods could not cut the straw.  At that time there was a voice in the air that this Yaksha is Lord Shankar, the destroyer of all pride.  All the gods praised Lord Shankar and apologized for his crime.

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