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Learn from Lord shiva and maa parvati the secrets of mangement

Learn from Lord shiva and maa parvati the secrets of mangement

 There are many such teachings of Parvati in the form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga, which are very important even today.  These teachings can still work for you.  Then, whether it is about leadership or management, if you work according to these teachings, then success will definitely be felt.  Here we are going to tell 6 such things of Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva, by adopting which you too can achieve success in every field.


 Successes and difficulties

 It is said that when the sea was churned for want of nectar, poison came out along with nectar.  The deity Indra only wanted to keep the nectar with him and not have to drink poison.  For this purpose, he gave the poison to Lord Shiva and Shiva stopped him in his throat.  With this one act, Shiva Mahadev means Dev of Gods whereas Indra is called Dev only.


 Need imagination

 When Sati asked Lord Shiva to show her home, Lord Shiva said that the whole nature is his home.  On being asked by Sati, she told that when it is hot, they sit under dense cedar trees, go to the peak of Kailash in winter and use the fire that is running naturally when needed.  On hearing all this, Sati named Shiva as Bhola and she started loving him.  This world-like house of Lord Shiva indicates that needs are just a fantasy.  We can live without them, but we have kept this feeling in mind that we cannot live without or without it, when all these needs are only imagination.


 Maa Durga - Strength in unity

 When the time came to slay the demon Mahishasura, all the gods were asked to unleash the power inside them, so that they could be born a powerful goddess, Durga.  Thus, Shakti is the power that is within us and the power of Durga is the external power.  And, when someone is insulted, our power wanes.


 Amravati and Kailash - control of desires

 Man can imagine a world where there is no hunger.  Such a world has been called Kailash i.e. Shiva's abode.  Similarly, man can also imagine a world where every kind of hunger can be pacified and such world is named Amaravati i.e. Dham of Gods.  Of these two, man has given Amravati the name of heaven.  But Shiva Dham i.e. Kailash is considered to be the place where all desires come to an end.  And from the end of these desires, man is freed from the bondage of birth and death.

 Kailash or Kashi, where should humans go

 Shiva resides in Kailash while Kashi is situated on the banks of river Ganges in the plains.  Different forms of Shiva are seated at both these places.  Now the question is which form of Shiva should be given more importance.  Similarly, in today's corporate world, Shiva has two forms - one is Boss, who is Kailash and the other is Client who is Kashi.  Now you have to see who gives more importance.


 Prajapati and Shiva in the office

 Chandra did not obey his father-in-law Daksha Prajapati.  Angered at this, Daksha cursed Chandra.  To be free from this curse, the lunar deity sought help from Indra Dev.  But Indra asked him to go to Shiva.  Chandra Dev sat calmly before Mahadev trembling.  As soon as Shiva opened his eyes, he raised Chandra Dev with affection and took a punishment on his forehead.  That was all and Chandra started feeling relieved.  Every office has people like Prajapati and Shiva.  Prajapati is the one who tries to degrade us and those colleagues should understand the form of Shiva who would support us in such a situation.

♥♥♥♥।। HAR HAR MAHADEV ।। ♥♥♥

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