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Depiction of Shiva's personality is impossible

Depiction of Shiva's personality is impossible

 There is a very touching description in Shri Ramcharit Manas composed by Goswami Shri Tulsidas ji. In the story, Tulsi Das Ji says that Lord Shiva's personality is so vast that it is impossible to present his complete picture. His costumes create both fear and humor. The makeup of Lord Bholenath also makes one think. Gives rise to many questions. There is a thick, long and tangled black coat( jata) on the top. The Jata is inhabited by the Ganges, while the moon is beautiful. The ears have a coil(Kundal ). The body is covered to ashes. The snake is adorned around the neck. There is Damru in one hand and Trishul in the other hand. Lord Shiva rides the Nandi bull. Sadhvi Tapaswini Bharti  the Lord Shiva performs cremation ceremony. There is a deep secret behind this as well. It symbolizes the impermanence of the world and mind.
 One lotta(mug) water and one or two bel lief make Bholenath happy, because he is hungry for emotion, not money. That is why he is considered the God of the common people .. That is why he is said to be Ashutosh i.e. soon happy. Shiva is considered superior in eighteen Puranas. According to the Puranas, Lord Shiva is the primary cause of all creation. From him, all the creation including Brahma, Vishnu originate. Sadashiv is the biggest only one who is simple in nature, omnipresent, compassionate and will soon be pleased with devotees. There is no need for much fanfare in their worship. They become happy with only one lotta of water and if possible, one or two vine leaf . Originally, they are adorable gods of Adivasis, Guhavasis, forest dwellers, poor and deprived people.

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