Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Karma - Our actions are make good and bad Humans .


There was a painter, who used to make amazing pictures.
 People painted her
 He was very appreciative.
 One day the devotees of the Krishna temple asked him for a consort of Krishna and Kansa.
 Desired to make a picture.
 The painter agreed to it, after all, it was God's work, but
 He put some conditions.
 He said I want a worthy character, if I get it then I
 Will make the picture easily.
 For a worthy naughty boy and Kansa for Krishna's picture
 Bring a person with a cruel spirit and then I will make a picture.
 Devotees of Krishna temple brought a child, the child was beautiful.

 The painter liked him and put the boy in front
 Made a beautiful portrait of Balakrishna.
 Now it was Kans's turn
 It was a little difficult to find someone with a cruel attitude.
 The person who likes Krishna temple people likes the painter
 He doesn't like, he can't get those expressions
 Time passed.
 Finally, after years of exhausting, they went to jail with the painter, where the culprits were got longlife punishment.
 One of those criminals liked the painter
 And putting it in front, he made a picture of Kansa.
 That picture of Krishna and Kansa today
 Completed after years.

 Devotees of Krishna temple fascinated by seeing those pictures
 Have become.
 That criminal also
 Wish to see pictures
 When the criminal took those pictures
 When he saw, he started crying.
 Everyone was surprised to see this.
 The painter asked her the reason with great affection.
 Then the criminal said "Maybe you no recognized me
  I am the only child whose years
 Previously you had a liking for Balakrishna's portrait.
 My bad karma became Kansa today, in this picture
 I am Kansa, I am Krishna.
 Our actions are make good and bad
 Humans . 

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