Monday, November 18, 2019

False love of false world

False love of false world

 The result of love which is sorrowful is not love -

 The definition of love is that what makes a happy life is love ---

 In the Narada Bhakti Sutra, Narada ji says that by attaining devotion, man becomes a siddha bhavati, amrito bhavati and tripto bhavati --- life becomes blissful -

It is written in Ramcharit Manas that-

सुर नर मुनि सब कै यह रीती। स्वार्थ लागि करहिं सब प्रीति॥--

sur nar muni sab kai yah reetee. svaarth laagi karahin sab preeti .--

That is, people in the world love each other for selfishness - Suppose the world man does business for less money and if he comes to know that business is getting more money elsewhere, then worldly person will get more due to selfishness Starts doing other business to earn profits --- hence everyone in the world is fooling each other - love each other for selfishness and Selfishness ends but love also ends.

Even if people believe that the people of the world do not love for selfishness, then the Upanishads say that whether it is love of selfishness or love of selfless spirit of the world - to be attached in any way in the world is a sin. If you are more attached towards someone in life, when it comes time to get rid of the body, then you miss the same thing that the mind has attached to ---

You all know the context of King Bharat that Bharat ji took his mind to the child of a deer, he used to contemplate the same when he was asleep and when the time came to get rid of the body, he remembered the child of the deer and the next born also got a deer. - For this reason, if there is attachment of mind to the world or to anything in the world, life will go in vain - If you love the world, remember the world, the body will be touched and then you will have to go to eighty-four million births - sometimes a dog If you become a mosquito, sometimes you will become a hand, snakes etc.

The worldly love that gives you a dog, a cat, an elephant, etc. in the world, that worldly love is the cause of the downfall, that is why it is not called love - and when love is from God, it will be enjoyed - the people of the world will enjoy selfishness. They cheat each other, but God never cheats - don't trust the world because no one can ever break hope, so be careful and only trust God And only apply the same mind in the Lord - Radhe Radhe

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