Saturday, November 2, 2019

Moments of a human's life journey

Moments of a human's life journey

 While walking in the journey of life, this question kept bothering every moment and every destination 

 * Is there anything left? *

 Putting the 3-month-old baby to the babysitter, the babysitter asked to the mother who is going to the job… Is there anything left?
 Purse, took the key right?
 Now how do they say yes?
 Run after money ... in the hope of getting everything for which she is doing everything,

 * He is left ..... *

  As soon as the bride leaves the wedding
 Emptying the marriage hall, the bride's aunt asked ... "Brother, nothing is left, isn't it?"
 Check properly
 .. When the father went to check, some flowers were dry in the bride's room.
 Everything was left behind ...
 25 years, who used to give a name to whom he gave voice ...
 That name was left behind and the name it used to proudly
 That name is still behind ...
 "Brother, see?
 Is there anything left behind? "
 The father did not speak to mouth , hiding the tears that came in his eyes on this question ....
 But there was only one voice in the heart…

 * Everything remained the same… *

  He had sent his son abroad to study with a large dreams and he became the settled after studying in abroad.

 The grandson had barely got a 3-month visa on birth, and while walking, the son asked everything, checked everything, did he not stay?
 Do you answer that

 * What is left to miss now…. **

 On the evening of retirement, after completing 60 years, the PA reminded him that he did not leave anything;
 Paused a little and thought the whole life was passed in the coming and going;  * What else would have remained. *

 πŸ˜‘ "Is there anything left?

 "Someone asked while returning from the crematorium. He did not say he moved forward ...
 Glanced at
 Once to look back .... It was heartening to see the burning fire of father's funeral pyre.
 Gone running away, tried unsuccessfully to catch a glimpse of father's face and returned.
 The friend asked… was there anything left?
 He spoke with full eyes ...

 * No, nothing remains now… and whatever is left will always be with me *.

 Take time out and think, maybe remember the old time, fill your eyes and find the purpose of living today.
 ........ I want to say this to all my friends .......
 Friends what do you know
 When should be the end of this life .......
 Before it happens, embrace everyone and do some loving things.
 * So that nothing is missed.

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