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Patience brings happiness to life

Patience brings happiness to life

 Once, someone asked a Maharaji,
 Maharaj, I come to the temple regularly after so many years
 With your grace, satsang also feels good, but the thing we are looking for is not visible anywhere.
 Grief is still sitting in the house, while you used to say leave everything to God, they will all manage, but nothing seems to be happening.
 Maharaj ji seated him and said that one thing in Punjab often speaks- keep cool.
 He replied that yet he was keeping the same Maharaj.
 Then Maharaj ji told him a story.
 once upon a time.  A gathering of monkeys was taking place.
 The theme was food.
 Everyone was narrating their experiences about how when he went to pluck fruits in the garden, the poles started coming,
 How did one pick up a piece of vegetable from a house, the poles were raised, someone threw a stone, etc.
 In the end, it was decided that together they would set up a garden of their own.
 Everyone together determined the place.
 Each one was entrusted with the responsibility of bringing some kind of scion, seed, vine etc.
 When everyone gathered, some brought a litchi scion and some kernels of fruit.
 Everyone went to a clean place not far from the forest.
 He dug with his hands and sowed his scions or seed or kernel, whatever it was.
 After so much labor, everyone got tired and went to sleep on different tree branches.
 About two hours later one of the monkeys woke up.
 He picked up his partner and said, "It's been a long time for the brother to apply litchi."
 No one has taken fruit from it.
 Another fellow said, yes I am worried about my mangoes.
 In such a time, they must have been ripped.
 When both of them went there and saw, the ground was flat.
 Both of them started crying, hey someone uprooted our tree.
 The rest of the monkey also heard their shouts.
 Everyone started crying, one of them was more intelligent,
 Said - Why are you crying?
 Maybe the tree is still inside.
 Everyone started digging back.
 Everyone saw the seeds they had sown.
 Nothing had happened yet.
 Now who should explain to them that water has to be given after sowing the seeds, then the seed will sprout, plant will grow, grow, then raw mangoes will come, finally ripe mangoes.
 The biggest drawback of all was patience.

 The patience required in practical life is equally in spiritual.

 God is accessible only by taking patience.
 That is why the saying is made, the fruit of patience is sweet.
 If Shabri patience does not exist on earth, would Lord Ram come to her?
 Shabari was small when the sage told her that God would come here to you.
 Aged, but the Guru had faith and patience.
 Finally God came to his door.
 Once upon a time, when Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu used to stay in the dance kirtan in the courtyard of Srivas, for him, Shriwas used to bring water daily for Pandit's work,
 Thinking that at some time God will please.
 His service was not special, but he was steadfast in his patience that God would have mercy at some point or the other.

 If you have patience, you will also have enthusiasm.

 Finally, Lord Mahaprabhu once started feeling hot and expressed a desire to bathe.
 At the Srivas courtyard, devotees got together and bathed them.
 All the water  was brought by the same servant of Srivas.

 Therefore, God gets patience only through patience.
 Happiness comes in life only through patience.
 Faith arises only by taking patience.
 If you believe that God will please, then God will not be left behind.

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