Saturday, November 2, 2019

Life achievements


Life achievements

* Shiva only does it and Shiva gets it done, *

 * Why are you show off ?
 * you don't even breathe in your hands

 ✨ Shiva is the only one who put to sleep and awoken up from sleep. 

 If you do work, you get results
 See you today if not today.
 The deeper the well,
 That much sweet water is available.
 Of every difficult question in life,
 Life is the solution.

 * "It is not necessary that the name of God comes on the tongue at all times, that moment is also of devotion when man-to-man is useful !!" *

 You take a stone and kill the dog, you will see that the dog runs away in fear.
 Now again take the same stone and give it to a honeycomb.  Then see what bees do for you?
 The stone is the same and you are also the same.  The only difference is that the dog was alone and in the bees group,
 There is power in solidarity, unity.  If we are not united then neither our country will change nor our own society!

 * Life is a test. *

 Most people fail in this….
 Because they copy others.
 They do not understand that their question papers are different.

 A lot of time habit
 Is it good,
 Whatever it is, passes away!
 "Successful man happy
 No more
 Happy man succeed
 Sure happens

 Beautiful lines ....

 * In a crowd of crores *
 * Only a handful of people *
 * Make, *
 * Creates the same *
 * From criticism which *
 * Don't panic ... *

 How amazing is it?

 * Man has 70% water in his body, *
 * But whenever hurt *
 * Then blood comes out *
 * Human's heart is made of blood, *
 * When the heart is hurt *
 * Then water comes out of the eye !!! *
 * One who touches the heart ... * πŸ‘£

 * Oh God - when I cleaned the mirror, I saw "I", and if I cleaned the "I", you saw "."

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