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How to chant Harinam

How to chant Harinam

 Some very important things to remember at the time of chanting:

 Treating the holy Harinam as the same virtue as the Archa-Vigraha and the Holy Dham. Even as the worship of Radha-Krishna, we should chant with full enterprise. Lord Krishna exchanges according to our sentiments and efforts.  The higher it is in us, the more God will give.
The reward of God is actually many times greater because they are more eager than us to deepen this relationship. Chanting is not a process, it is a relationship. When we chant, we are healing a broken relationship with God. Therefore, when we call on God, we should call on repentance and dedication. In the call of dedication, we should repent that we have lost so many births in vain by turning away from God. There is only a difference of our true effort between chanting and guilt-free chanting. Serious effort is the ladder of love and devotion. When we constantly try to avoid crimes, they automatically end.
More important than counting garlands is their quality. If the quality is good then the count will automatically increase. If the count is high then there is a drop in quality at times. While chanting, never bring to mind the thought that "I have to do it", rather the thoughts should be "I want to chant". If you feel that you have to chant "you" then it is better not to chant at that time. No one should force you to have a relationship with Lord Krishna, you should be eager to grow this relationship yourself, only then will God give redemption.
Only chant while you are chanting. Being present in chanting of mind is justice to chanting. If you are really serious then the environment will automatically become favorable and you will also get more time for chanting. Chanting should be your favorite work throughout the day. He chanted when he got time. And when chanting, the whole world can wait. Maya and Krishna cannot be found at the same time. When we give more importance to physical distractions then Lord Krishna disappears from both our life and chanting.

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