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Gajendramoksha Katha

Gajendramoksha Katha

 Today many astrologers, religious gurus and many other sources are suggested to recite Gajendra Moksha to be free from debt. It is believed that reciting it helps to get rid of Pittar dosha. Those who are troubled by debt and are very difficult to repay for them, they also get a solution from the problem of Gajendra Moksha. We should read this stotra when it is surrounded by any kind of difficulty. One can soon find a way out of this lesson. This lesson can be started on any date of Shukla Paksha. While reciting, you should face towards east. This recited is very fruitful before sunrise.

"Gajendra Moksha Katha"

 It is a matter of very ancient times. A Pandyavanshi king ruled in the Dravidian country. His name was Indradyumna. He used to spend more time in worshiping God. Although there was peace and happiness everywhere in his kingdom. The subjects were satisfied in every way, however, King Indradyumna could hardly give his time in the Rajkarya. He used to say that Lord Vishnu arranges my kingdom. Therefore, they used to live in the worship of their favorite God.
 In King Indradyumna's mind, the desire for adoration-worship continued to grow. For this reason, they abandoned the kingdom and started living on the Malay Mountains. His dress was like asceticism. Head hair grew as jata . He was constantly engrossed in the worship of the Supreme God. His mind and soul would also remain sweet in the feet of Shri Hari. Apart from this, they do not like anything in the world. He had no memory of any creature or substance like state, treasure, subjects and wife.

Once upon a time, King Indradyumna was immersed in the worship of the All-Sovereign Lord, after bathing as usual. He did not even pay attention to the outside world. At the same time, Maharishi Agastya reached there with all his disciples. But neither greet , nor incense nor welcome. The silent king Indradyumna was immersed in the meditation of the Supreme Lord. Maharishi Agastya got angry due to this. He cursed Indradyumna- "This king has not received education from the gurus and is proudly exempt from philanthropy and is doing arbitrary. This king who insults the Brahmins is like an elephant, so it should get the birth of a fierce ignorant elephant. "
Maharishi Agatsya left this curse to the Bhagavadbhakta Indradyumna. King Indradyumna, considering it to be the auspicious law of Shri Bhagwan, placed his head at the feet of the Lord.
In Kshirabdhi, there was a mountain named Triskut. That mountain was very beautiful and excellent. The divine trees were adorned around him. Those trees were always fulfilled with fruits and flowers. Very powerful Gajendra lived with elephants in the deep forest of the mountainous.
once upon a time. Gajendra, along with his companions, became distraught with Trisadhyaya (intensity of thirst). He sniffed the fragrant air of lotus smell and reached the banks of an attractive large lake. Gajendra entered the serene, cool and sweet water of that lake. First, he quenched his cravings by drinking water, then bathed in water and took away his labor. After that he started water sports. He filled water in his trunk and started bathing the elephants with his spray. Then suddenly Gajendra raised the trunk and shouted. Do not know from where a Crocodile came and grabbed his leg. Gajendra exerted full power to free his leg, but he was not under control, he did not touch his leg. Seeing his lord Gajendra as distraught, the elephants, stench and other yards became extremely distraught. They raised the trunk and started running in and out of the lake to save Gajendra. He tried his best but did not succeed.
In fact, King Indradyumna had become Gajendra due to the curse of Maharishi Agasthya and Gandharvashtha Huhu had become crocodile by the curse of Maharishi Deval. He was also very powerful. The struggle continued. Gajendra pulls himself out and Graha (crocodile) pulls Gajendra inside. The clean water of the lake became dirty. Kamal-Dal became mutilated. Water and animals became distraught. Gajendra and Graha's struggle lasted for a thousand years. Both survived. The gods were amazed to see this scene.
Gajendra's body eventually relaxed. There was no strength in his body and enthusiasm in his mind. But due to being aquatic, there was no decrease in the power of graha. His power increased. He started pulling Gajendra with more power than new enthusiasm. Unable Gajendra's life was in trouble. The arrogance of his power and might was crushed. He was completely disappointed. But as a result of the continuous worship of the previous birth, she became Bhagavatsmriti. He decided that I refuge the all-powerful God. With this determination, Gajendra, after converting the mind, began to praise the Supreme Lord through the best sources learned in the previous birth.
Hearing the praise of Gajendra, Lord Vishnu appeared as the Supreme God. Seeing Gajendra suffering, Lord Vishnu ascended Garuda and reached the banks of the lake very quickly. Disappointed with life and groping with pain, Gajendra, holding a chakra in his hand, saw the proud Lord Vishnu coming towards him sharply, he took a beautiful lotus flower in his trunk and lifted it up and said with great distress - “Narayana! Jagadguro! God ! Greetings to you."
Seeing Gajendra suffering terribly, Lord Vishnu jumped from Garuda's back and along with Gajendra dragged the Graha out of the lake and immediately freed Gajendra by tearing the mouth of the Graha with his sharp chakra.
Brahma, Gods etc. praised Sri Hari and looked at the heavenly flowering on him.  Siddha and Rishi-Maharishi  began to sing praises to Lord Vishnu.  Graha became divine.  He bowed with his head at the feet of Vishnu and began to praise Lord Vishnu's virtues.

Freed from the touch of Lord Vishnu's Mangalam boony hands , the cursed Huhoo Gandharva revolved around the Lord and went to his lok after worshiping him in his Tralokya-chanted lotus. Lord Vishnu saved Gajendra and made him his councilor. Gandharva, Siddha and Devgan started singing his Leela. Pleased with the praise of Gajendra, Lord Vishnu said in front of everyone- “Dear Gajendra! I will donate pure wisdom at the time of death to those who will rise in Brahma Muhurta and offer my praise to you.

 Saying this, Lord Vishnu took Gajendra along as a councilor and went to his divine abode after being garuda.

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