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Do the gods accept sacrament(Bhoga)?

Do the gods accept sacrament (Bhoga)?

 There is a law in Hinduism to offer God to ...

 Did the deities really absorb prasad or bhog ?

 Yes, this is true .. There is also evidence of this in scripture ..
 In the Gita, God says ... "The devotees who love me
 Offering leaf , flowers, fruits, water, etc., that pure
 Lovely devotion to a selfless -loving devotee
 I accept that leaf , flower etc. done ... Gita 8/24
 Now it is important to understand how they eat
 All the food we eat, from the five elements
 Is made because our body is also five
 Is made up of elements .. so grain, water, air,
 Light and sky are the elements we need,
 What we get by food and water etc.

 The body of the deity is not composed of five elements, in them
 Earth and water are not elements ... Gods of the middle level
 Body of three elements and of the best level
 The body of the deity is made up of two elements - light and sky.
 So, therefore the devas body is airy and bright.

 This deity smelled as air, eclipsed light as sharp
 And receive the word as the sky…
 That is, the deity is absorbed by the smell, light and the word
 Let's do .. whose legislation is in the puja system ...
 Like what we eat food, the God
 Take the aroma of
 There is satisfaction .. Those who put flowers and dhoop
 Their fragrance is also accepted by the deity as an offering ... the light absorbed by the deity from what we light the lamp
 Let's take the Aarti legislation for the same
 is ..
 Those who recite mantras, or those who blow the conch(aankh) or ring the bell , receive it as the "sky" element of the deity ...
 That means whatever devotion we perform in worship, the deity air, light and sky as "enjoy"
 Let's do ……
 There is a law to enjoy the nature of which the deity is.


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