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The power of devotion and faith of a devotee

The power of devotion and faith of a devotee

There lived a cowherd named Madhav in the city of Kamalavati. He was not educated and had not even heard the story of God. Throughout the day, cows used to graze in the forest.  In the afternoon his wife used to reach the buttermilk.

 Madhav was straightforward and relaxed.  He got used to chanting 'Hare Krishna', so he used to do some chanting in the morning and evening.  Thus, he became fifty years old.

 Equals aged people used to tease him: 'Hare Krishna' would not get the hand of Baikuntha's plane by rote.  One day Madhav was irritated by his companions.  A saint was going the same way.  He told the teaser: "Brother!  You guys are making a big mistake.  You do not know the glory of God's name.

If this old shepherd continues to take the name of God with reverence, then it will surely be found by the Guru who crosses the world. The name of God immediately consumes all sins.
 Madhav now believed: 'I will definitely find a Guru and by his grace I will be able to see God.' He now looked forward to Gurudev.
He would think: 'I will recognize Guruji from the signs of the saint. Will give them fresh milk. They will agree on me. My Guru will be very knowledgeable. How can my knowledge be understood by me? I will ask him one thing. I will not have much trouble.

Madhav's yearning was intense.  He would go on the road again and again and climb the tree and ask the people: “Has no saint come here?” Sometimes, he is distraught and starts crying because of Guruji's absence.
 One day Madhav saw a saint from afar while waiting in a similar way.  His heart was filled with joy.  He understood that his Gurudev had arrived.  He immediately sat on the cow to feed them fresh milk.  At that time, those saints came close.
 Leaving the milk unfulfilled, he took a pot of milk in one hand and his stick in the other, he stood near them and said: “Maharaj!  Drink a little milk.
When the monk heard the angry word, he stopped. Madhav's hands were stuck, going in front of the saint, he bowed his head and said with a simple gesture: "Here! Drink this milk and give gratitude by teaching me.
 Cross me from Bhavsagar. King ! Now I will not leave your feet. Putting a pot of milk and sticks aside, he clung to the feet of the saint. His eyes started falling from the water. The saint was amazed to see all this once.

Then he was very happy to see Madhav's simple devotion.  He asked Madhav to walk home and take initiation.  Madhav said- Maharaj!  I only know how to graze while singing in the forest.  I do not know bath worship.  I also go home sometimes.  I am an uncouth person.
I will not be able to talk too much. I will forget them. Let me tell you one thing and tell it right here. I will follow that.
 God also regains such innocent devotee. The saint did mental asana-purification etc. and splashed it with the water of his kamandal and said with a mantra: Look! Now eat whatever you want to eat by offering it to Lord Govind.
With this one means you will be blessed by Govind God. Madhav asked: Maharaj! Will I obey you? But where can I find Govind Lord, who should eat them daily as an offering?
 The saint described the nature of God and said: “God is everywhere, within everyone. You take care of their form and call them and offered them.

do not forget ! Do not eat any substance without offering them enjoyment. On giving this sermon, the saint took the milk given to Madhava and left from there. In the afternoon, Madhav's wife came and left with a buttermilk . Madhav now remembered Guruji's talk.
 After going in solitude and serving the loaves on the leaves and putting a Tulsi leaves , he started praying while meditating on Lord Govind: O Govind! Here these loaves are kept. Offer them enjoyment. My gurudev has said that the food which is left to the Lord by eating food is served.
 I am very hungry but I will not eat without indulging you. Don't be late Come quickly and enjoy it. Madhav got tired while praying but Govind did not come.
 How could Madhava eat when God did not enjoy it? He threw the rotis in the jungle and returned to the goshala(cowshed).

Madhava's body went dry by fasting. Similarly, eighteen days passed. I started feeling dizzy while standing. The eyes entered the pits. The woman and son started asking for reasons again and again but Madhav does not tell anything. He thinks it is to die one day, why should I die by committing the sin of disobeying Guru Maharaj.
 The order of my Gurudev is true. If I do not die here, I will see God in the hereafter. Nine days of fasting have passed. Today has been twenty-seven days. Madhav's eyes have now turned white. He cannot even get up and sit. Today, when her woman brought the buttermilk , she did not want to go from the cowshed.
 Madhav somehow sent him home. After serving with great difficulty, he lay down on the ground. Could not sit today. He has to pray the last prayer today, he knows that he will not die in the body to pray again tomorrow.
 Today, he is calling on Govind Bhagwan to eat his bread with the last force of his heart.
what happened ? That's when the bright light came to the cowshed! Madhav saw that the same Govind God as told by Guruji is standing in front of him. Not a word came out of his mouth. He laid his head on the feet of God. The stream of his eyes washed away those red feet.

God lifted the devotee in his lap and said Madhav! You do not cry See, I eat your loaves. I love such food. Now you go home from here. Now you have no worries Live happily with your brothers and sisters! Finally you will come to my Golok.
 God ate his loaves and left offerings to him. As soon as Madhav received that prasad, his heart was filled with joy. His hunger and thirst, weakness and exhaustion went away in a moment. Today, hunger and thirst and weakness of twenty-seven days fast did not go away, the weakness of eternity has gone away.

Madhava was very happy to meet his Govind and he went running to his house and narrated the whole story to his woman and son. In the end time went to Baikunth, simulating Lord Govind.
 Live in the jungle or in slum, live in waves or in kayak
 Be expensive or cheap, but stay in fun named Shyam
 Jai Jai Shree Radhe.......

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