Saturday, November 9, 2019

Existence of god

* The existence of God * -

 Once a man went to the barber shop to get his haircut. Similar things started between the barber and the person and they started talking and talking about "God".
 Then the barber said - "I don't believe in the existence of God and that's why you can call me an atheist too"
 "Why are you saying this," the person asked.

 The barber said - "When you go out on the road, you will understand that God does not exist." If God were there, would so many people die of hunger? Would so many people be sick? Would there be so much violence in the world? What would be the pain or suffering? I cannot imagine a ruthless God who allows all this. "
 The person thought little but he did not want to debate so kept quiet and listened to the barbers.
 The barber finishes his work and the person comes out of the shop giving money to the barber. As he walked out of the barber shop, he saw a man with long, thick hair on the street who also grew a beard and looked like he might not have cut his hair for several months.
 The man turned back and entered the barber shop again and he said to the barber - "Do you know?" Barbers don't exist "
 The barber said - "What kind of useless things are you doing?" Don't you see me? I'm here and I'm a barber. And I have just shaved your hair. "

 The person said - "No! There are no barbers. If it were, would anyone outside like that person have long hair and a large beard? "
 The barber said - "If that person does not go to any haircut to get a haircut, then how will the barber cut his hair?"
 The person said - "You are absolutely right, that's it. God is also there but if some people do not believe in God then how will God help them ..
 Faith is the truth. Those who believe in God have an instant feeling for it, and for those who do not believe, it is not the same.

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