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Know precious things from Lord Shiva

Know precious things from Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva had told Goddess Parvati 5 such things which are useful for every human being, knowing that everyone should follow them.

 1. What is the biggest religion and greatest sin

 On asking Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva has told her about the biggest religion of human life and what is considered unrighteous. Lord Shankar says-

श्लोक- नास्ति सत्यात् परो नानृतात् पातकं परम्।।

Shloka - nasti satyat paro naanrittat patakam param.

That is, the biggest religion for a human being is to speak the truth or to support the truth, and the biggest iniquity is to speak untruth or to support him.
 Therefore, everyone should always include those who have truth in their mind, their words and their actions, because there is no greater religion than this. Saying untruth or supporting falsehood in any way can lead to human ruin.

2. Keep in mind this one more thing with working

 श्लोक- आत्मसाक्षी भवेन्नित्यमात्मनुस्तु शुभाशुभे।

shlok- aatmasaakshee bhavennityamaatmanustu shubhaashubhe.

 That is, a man should be a witness of his own work, that is, whether he does good or bad. He should never think that no one is watching his actions.
 While doing wrong things in the mind of many people, the same feeling is in the mind that no one is watching them and that is why they go on doing sinful work without any fear, but the truth is something else. Man is himself witness to all his actions. If a person always keeps this feeling in mind then he will stop himself from committing any sinful act.

3. Never wish to do these three things

श्लोक-मनसा कर्मणा वाचा न च काड्क्षेत पातकम्।

shlok-manasa karm vaacha na ch kaadkshet paatakam.

 That is to say, Lord Shiva further says that no human should desire to sin by mind, speech and deeds. Because as man does, he has to suffer the same results.
 That is, human beings should not allow any such thing to come in their mind, which according to religious texts, should be considered a sin. Neither should you take such a thing out of your mouth, nor do any such thing, which will cause any trouble or sorrow to others. By committing sin, a person not only has to suffer the consequences of being alive but also has to suffer torture in hell after killing him.

4. Keep this in mind to be successful

Every human in the world has attachment or attachment to some human, thing or situation. There is such a web of attachment and attachment, which it is very difficult to get rid of. Man's success is not possible without getting rid of it, hence Lord Shiva has given a way to avoid it.

श्लोक-दोषदर्शी भवेत्तत्र यत्र स्नेहः प्रवर्तते। अनिष्टेनान्वितं पश्चेद् यथा क्षिप्रं विरज्यते।।

shlok-doshapoorn bhavettatr yatr snehah pravartate. anishchetanitan riped yatha kshipran virajyate. 

That is, Lord Shiva says that any person or situation that man is in love with, which is hindering his success, man should start looking for the blame in him. One should think that this attachment of a few moments is becoming a hindrance to our success. By doing this, man will be freed from the trap of attachment and attachment and will get success in all his work.

5. If you understand this one thing, you will not have to face suffering

श्लोक-नास्ति तृष्णासमं दुःखं नास्ति त्यागसमं सुखम्।सर्वान् कामान् परित्यज्य ब्रह्मभूयाय कल्पते।।

shlok-naasti trshnaasan duhkhan naasti tyaagamn sukham. sarvaan kaamaan parityajy brahmabhuaay kalpate ..

That is, further, Lord Shiva gives a warning to humans, saying that - there is no greater sorrow than a person's desire, and there is no greater happiness than leaving them. Man does not control his mind. There are many unnecessary desires in everyone's mind and these desires lead to man's sorrows. It is important that human beings understand the difference between their needs and desires and then abandon unnecessary desires and lead a life of calm.

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