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Character makes man great

Character makes man great

πŸ‘£ Subhashit: Vandanam: πŸ‘£

♦ Money keeps on coming. But man should always protect self-immorality. Because a man who is deprived of wealth is not impaired in reality, but a man without virtue is actually inferior. ♦


* 🌺 || Conduct is the best || 🌺 *

* It is about those days when Lord Shri Ram was in Chitrakoot during his 14 years of exile. Lord Rama and Mother Sita were sitting outside the hut.
* Laxmanji was sitting at his feet. Then Shri Ram said that come here, there has been a fight between me and Sita. That's why you do justice. *
* Laxman ji agreed. Then Shriram- 'I say that my feet are beautiful. Sita says that her feet are beautiful. You worship the feet of both. Now you decide whose feet are beautiful. *
* Laxmanji said, do not put me in this religious crisis. *

* Then Shriram explained that you are a Bairagi. Speak fearlessly. Whose feet are beautiful. Showing the feet of Rama, Lakshmanji said that Mother, your feet are beautiful from these feet. *
* Saying this, Lakshman ji fell silent and Mother Sita was happy. *
* Laxman ji said that mother should not be more happy. Lord Rama has stages, only then your feet are valued. If their steps are not there then your steps may not look beautiful. *
* Now Ramji became happy. Then Laxmanji again said that both of you need not be happy. *
* Apart from the feet of both of you, there is a phase due to which your feet are worshiped i.e. conduct. *
* No cost of conduct. Maharaj, your feet are beautiful, so your great behavior is due to them. *

* If the conduct of a person is good, his body and mind are both beautiful and he leaves an indelible impression of his name in the world. *

*Jai Jai ShriRam


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