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||| Srimallikarjun Jyotirlinga Katha ||

|| Srimallikarjun Jyotirlinga ||

 Srimailakarjuna Jyotirlinga is situated on Srisailaparvat called Kailas of the south on the banks of Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh. Its glory and significance have been described in detail in the scriptures of Mahabharata, Shivpuran and Padmapuran.

The story of this Jyotirlinga is described in the Puranas as follows. Once upon a time, Lord Shiva's two sons Shriganesh and Srikartikeya Swamy started quarreling for marriage. Everyone insisted that I be married first.
Seeing them fighting and quarreling , Lord Shankar and Mother Bhavani said - Those of you who first go back here after circling the whole earth, will be married first. ' Hearing this from the parents, Srikartitikeya Swami is enthroned on his vehicle Mayur and immediately runs for Prithvi-pradakshina. But for Ganesha, this task was very difficult. One was his physical body, second his vehicle was also a mouse. Well, how could he be equal to Swami Kartikeya in the race?

But his body was heavy as  than in proportion to the intellect is very sharp . He found an easy way to revolve around the earth without worshiping the parents sitting in front of them and after doing their seven revolve around them , he completed the work of Prithvi-pradakshina. His work was scripturally approved

पित्रोश्च पूजनं कृत्वा प्रक्रान्तिं च करोति यः ।

तस्य वै पृथिवीजन्यं फलं भवति निश्चितम्‌ ॥

pitroshch poojanan krtva prakraantin ch karoti yah . tasy vai prthiveejanyan phalan bhavati nishchitam‌ .

By the time Swami Karttikeya returned around the whole earth, Ganesha was married to two girls named 'Siddhi' and 'Buddhi and had two sons named 'Kshem' and 'Laabh . Seeing all this, Swami Karthikeya went very angry and went to Mount Krauncha. Mother Parvati reached there to appease him. After that Lord Shankar appeared there as Jyotirlinga and since then he became famous as Mallikarjuna-Jyotirlinga. His worshiping was first done with Mallika flowers. This is the reason for the name Mallikarjuna.

Another legend is also told - this was once the capital of King Chandragupta, near the Saiell mountain. For the prevention of any misfortune, one of his daughters came out of the palace and came to the ashram of this mountain king and started living with the gopas here. The girl had a very auspicious beautiful Shyama cow . Someone used to take milk from that cow's milk at night. One day, by accident, the Rajakanya saw the thief milking and ran furiously towards the thief, but after reaching the cow, he saw that there was nothing more than Shivling. After some time the princess built a huge temple on that Shivling. This Shivling is famous as Mallikarjuna. A big fair is organized here on the occasion of Shivratri.

All the sattvik desires of the devotees who visit and worship this Mallikarjuna-Shivling are fulfilled. At the feet of Lord Shiva, he becomes a constant love. They are freed from all kinds of bodily, divine, physical obstacles.

Gajendramoksha Katha

Gajendramoksha Katha

 Today many astrologers, religious gurus and many other sources are suggested to recite Gajendra Moksha to be free from debt. It is believed that reciting it helps to get rid of Pittar dosha. Those who are troubled by debt and are very difficult to repay for them, they also get a solution from the problem of Gajendra Moksha. We should read this stotra when it is surrounded by any kind of difficulty. One can soon find a way out of this lesson. This lesson can be started on any date of Shukla Paksha. While reciting, you should face towards east. This recited is very fruitful before sunrise.

"Gajendra Moksha Katha"

 It is a matter of very ancient times. A Pandyavanshi king ruled in the Dravidian country. His name was Indradyumna. He used to spend more time in worshiping God. Although there was peace and happiness everywhere in his kingdom. The subjects were satisfied in every way, however, King Indradyumna could hardly give his time in the Rajkarya. He used to say that Lord Vishnu arranges my kingdom. Therefore, they used to live in the worship of their favorite God.
 In King Indradyumna's mind, the desire for adoration-worship continued to grow. For this reason, they abandoned the kingdom and started living on the Malay Mountains. His dress was like asceticism. Head hair grew as jata . He was constantly engrossed in the worship of the Supreme God. His mind and soul would also remain sweet in the feet of Shri Hari. Apart from this, they do not like anything in the world. He had no memory of any creature or substance like state, treasure, subjects and wife.

Once upon a time, King Indradyumna was immersed in the worship of the All-Sovereign Lord, after bathing as usual. He did not even pay attention to the outside world. At the same time, Maharishi Agastya reached there with all his disciples. But neither greet , nor incense nor welcome. The silent king Indradyumna was immersed in the meditation of the Supreme Lord. Maharishi Agastya got angry due to this. He cursed Indradyumna- "This king has not received education from the gurus and is proudly exempt from philanthropy and is doing arbitrary. This king who insults the Brahmins is like an elephant, so it should get the birth of a fierce ignorant elephant. "
Maharishi Agatsya left this curse to the Bhagavadbhakta Indradyumna. King Indradyumna, considering it to be the auspicious law of Shri Bhagwan, placed his head at the feet of the Lord.
In Kshirabdhi, there was a mountain named Triskut. That mountain was very beautiful and excellent. The divine trees were adorned around him. Those trees were always fulfilled with fruits and flowers. Very powerful Gajendra lived with elephants in the deep forest of the mountainous.

once upon a time. Gajendra, along with his companions, became distraught with Trisadhyaya (intensity of thirst). He sniffed the fragrant air of lotus smell and reached the banks of an attractive large lake. Gajendra entered the serene, cool and sweet water of that lake. First, he quenched his cravings by drinking water, then bathed in water and took away his labor. After that he started water sports. He filled water in his trunk and started bathing the elephants with his spray. Then suddenly Gajendra raised the trunk and shouted. Do not know from where a Crocodile came and grabbed his leg. Gajendra exerted full power to free his leg, but he was not under control, he did not touch his leg. Seeing his lord Gajendra as distraught, the elephants, stench and other yards became extremely distraught. They raised the trunk and started running in and out of the lake to save Gajendra. He tried his best but did not succeed.
In fact, King Indradyumna had become Gajendra due to the curse of Maharishi Agasthya and Gandharvashtha Huhu had become crocodile by the curse of Maharishi Deval. He was also very powerful. The struggle continued. Gajendra pulls himself out and Graha (crocodile) pulls Gajendra inside. The clean water of the lake became dirty. Kamal-Dal became mutilated. Water and animals became distraught. Gajendra and Graha's struggle lasted for a thousand years. Both survived. The gods were amazed to see this scene.

Gajendra's body eventually relaxed. There was no strength in his body and enthusiasm in his mind. But due to being aquatic, there was no decrease in the power of graha. His power increased. He started pulling Gajendra with more power than new enthusiasm. Unable Gajendra's life was in trouble. The arrogance of his power and might was crushed. He was completely disappointed. But as a result of the continuous worship of the previous birth, she became Bhagavatsmriti. He decided that I refuge the all-powerful God. With this determination, Gajendra, after converting the mind, began to praise the Supreme Lord through the best sources learned in the previous birth.
Hearing the praise of Gajendra, Lord Vishnu appeared as the Supreme God. Seeing Gajendra suffering, Lord Vishnu ascended Garuda and reached the banks of the lake very quickly. Disappointed with life and groping with pain, Gajendra, holding a chakra in his hand, saw the proud Lord Vishnu coming towards him sharply, he took a beautiful lotus flower in his trunk and lifted it up and said with great distress - “Narayana! Jagadguro! God ! Greetings to you."

Seeing Gajendra suffering terribly, Lord Vishnu jumped from Garuda's back and along with Gajendra dragged the Graha out of the lake and immediately freed Gajendra by tearing the mouth of the Graha with his sharp chakra.
Brahma, Gods etc. praised Sri Hari and looked at the heavenly flowering on him.  Siddha and Rishi-Maharishi  began to sing praises to Lord Vishnu.  Graha became divine.  He bowed with his head at the feet of Vishnu and began to praise Lord Vishnu's virtues.

Freed from the touch of Lord Vishnu's Mangalam boony hands , the cursed Huhoo Gandharva revolved around the Lord and went to his lok after worshiping him in his Tralokya-chanted lotus. Lord Vishnu saved Gajendra and made him his councilor. Gandharva, Siddha and Devgan started singing his Leela. Pleased with the praise of Gajendra, Lord Vishnu said in front of everyone- “Dear Gajendra! I will donate pure wisdom at the time of death to those who will rise in Brahma Muhurta and offer my praise to you.

 Saying this, Lord Vishnu took Gajendra along as a councilor and went to his divine abode after being garuda.

World and worldly attractions

World and worldly attractions

A devotee found one day while searching for Vishnu. Step on hold. Was very happy, was happy. Whatever was wanted was found. Thanked Vishnu a lot and said just one more thing: get me a little work done, get some service done. You gave so much, gave life, gave the ultimate celebration of life and now also gave this ultimate life. Get me some service! I don't feel like I could not do anything for you, you did so much! Give me a little luck! I know, you do not need anyone, nothing is needed. But I will feel that I too could do something for the Lord!

Vishnu said: Can you do it? It will be very difficult to do.
 But the devotee was adamant. So said: Okay, I'm thirsty.
 Vishnu swims in Kshirsagar, how thirsty there! But for this devotee said that okay, I am thirsty. You go and bring a cup of water.
 The devotee ran. You would say it was the ocean of water, it would fill it from there. But the one who is nearby is not visible to anyone. Doesn't seem close We are completely blind to the pass. We see distant things. The farther away you appear, the clearer you are. The moon stars are visible. The immediate neighborhood is not visible. He might not even have seen. You must have been the same person. Ran He said: Just bring it.

walked. Descended into the world. Knocked at a door. A beautiful girl opened the door. The devotee said that Goddess, I can get a cup of cold water.
 The woman said: You have come, Brahmin god! Sit inside! Bless my house! Do not go away from outside like this. Then my father has also gone out. I am alone at home. When they come, they will be very angry that the Brahmin gods have come and you have sent them from outside! No — no, you come in!

The Brahmin gods were afraid for a moment! The woman is beautiful, very beautiful, never seen such a beautiful woman. Vishnu also began to fade for a moment. How long does it take for Vishnu to fade! Such a distant dream started becoming known. So the devotees got scared, scared. Confused because Vishnu started forgetting for a moment. The sound started to go away from a distance.
He said no - no. Sweat on the forehead. But the woman did not agree. He held the hand of the Brahmin deity - that you will not come in, let it go like that. Holding his hand - Vishnu of the Brahmin deity vanished completely. She took it inside. He said: You will take the water, but first take refreshment yourself. So got breakfast, watered.
Secluded! Beauty of that girl! Serving the Brahmin deity by parting that girl! Vishnu slowly descended from memory. Sometimes I would sometimes remember that the poor would be thirsty, then think that what is thirsty to God! They have told me that, otherwise what thirst for them! They are in complete fulfillment! So there is no such hurry. And wait for two moments.

And when the young woman gave the invitation that when you have come, my father must have come in a while, to meet them also, he readily agreed. And the woman continued to serve. And the beauty and the form of the girl kept on attracting the mind. It was evening, father did not return. The woman said: You must have food. Now where will we eat in the evening.
 Made food, ate food. It was night time. The lady said: Where will you go in this night!
Brahmins were also wondering where the night would go now! Waking up early in the morning, leaving in the Brahmamuhurta. Agreed. Then years passed. Then he did not leave from there. Then came to work one by one. What to do if a Brahmin god does! In the morning the girl started saying that the father has not come, to milk the cow, I do not think, you should put it. So we put cow's milk. Then the bull was ill. So the woman said that the Brahmin god, do some service to it too, where should I go to get the medicine! And then all of these also belong to God. The matter was also discussed.

The Brahmin gods stopped and stayed. Then they had sons, daughters, there was a huge spread. Some fifty-sixty years passed. The sons had sons. Then the village was flooded. Severe flooding Brahmin gods have become old. They are trying to get their children and grandchildren out of the flood in some way. The whole village is being submerged. What a terrible flood! Never seen or heard of such. As they are going through the flood, the wife is swept away When the child ran to save his wife, the hand of the child, which was held, lost his hand. By reaching that shore, the whole family disappeared in the flood.
The Brahmin gods stand on a stone rock on that shore and there is a great wave of flood. Vishnu comes on a high wave and is sitting and says: I am thirsty, you have not brought water yet? I already told you, you will not be able to. Because you ran away from the world. One who leaves and runs away, his charm remains.

This story is very sweet ... because you ran away from the world. Did not wake up from the world and rose up. They had closed their eyes towards the world. If you go into the world even for small work, you will get entangled. Went to take water and the whole world settled. Went to Hari Bhajan, cotton was worn! Then when someone sinks cotton, it goes away. Cotton ginning is like this, it is never complete.
 Jai Shri Hari.

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Kaal Bhairav ​​and Bhairav ​​Ashtami festival

Kaal Bhairav ​​and Bhairav ​​Ashtami festival

* Kalabhairava *

Kalabhairava is made up of two words. Kaal and Bhairava. Kaal means death, fear and end. Bhairav ​​means one who defeats fear, that is who has conquered fear. Worshiping Kaal Bhairav ​​removes the fear of death and relieves you from suffering. Kalabhairava is the form of the Lord Shiva. Worshiping Kaal Bhairav ​​relieves diseases and sorrows.

Kalabhairava Ashtami - 19 November

 The Ashtami date of the Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha month is celebrated as Kalabhairava Ashtami. On November 19, Kalabhairava is Ashtami. They are considered masters of defeating illness, fear, distress and sorrow. All types of mental and physical problems are overcome by their worship.

* Birth Story of Kalabhairav ​​*

 Kalabhairava Ashtami 2019

 It is a wonderful incident of Shiva appearing in the form of Bhairava that once on the Sumeru mountain the Gods asked Brahma ji, who is the imperishable element in this gracious world, whom no one knows about such a deity. Make us suffer On this, Brahmaji said that I am the only indestructible element in this world because this creation has been created by me. The world cannot be imagined without me. When the Gods asked this question to Vishnu, they said that I maintain this grazing world, so I am the indestructible element. The four Vedas were called to test it on the test of truth.
 The four Vedas said in the same voice that within whom the grasping world, past, future and present are merged, which have no beginning or end, which is unborn, which is beyond life-death, happiness and sorrow, gods and demons whose Worshiped equally, he is the imperishable Lord Rudra. On hearing such speech about Shiva through the Vedas, the fifth mouth of Brahma ji said some derogatory words about Shiva which the four Vedas were very sad to hear.

At the same time Lord Rudra appeared in the form of a divine jyoti, Brahma Ji said, O Rudra! You are born from my own body, I have named your name as 'Rudra' because of the more cry, so you come to my service, Shiva got terrible anger on this behavior of Brahma and he produced a man named Bhairava and said That you rule over Brahma. That divinely endowed Bhairava cut off the fifth head of Brahma, who used to say derogatory words to Shiva with the fingernail of the shortest finger of his left hand, resulting in the sin of brahmahatya . At the behest of Shiva, Bhairav ​​departed to Kashi where he was liberated from Brahmahatya. Rudra appointed him the Kotwal(Caretaker) of Kashi. Even today, they are worshiped here as the Kotwal of Kashi. Visions of Vishwanath remain incomplete without seeing them.

* Famous temples of Kalabhairav ​​*

 Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti

 Kaal Bhairav ​​Temple, Kashi

 By the way, there are many temples of Baba Kalabhairava in India, out of which the Kal Bhairav ​​temple of Kashi is special. It is located at a distance of two kilometers from Vishwanath Temple in Kashi. They are called Kotwal of Kashi. It is believed that the worship of a devotee who does not visit him after the vision of Baba Vishwanath is not considered successful.

 Kalabhairav ​​Temple, Ujjain

 The second famous Kalabhairav ​​temple in India after Kashi is situated on the banks of the Kshipra River in Ujjain city. There is such a tradition here that people offer only liquor in the form of prasad to Lord Kaal Bhairav.

 Batuk Bhairav ​​Temple, New Delhi

 Batuk Bhairav ​​Temple is located on Vinay Marg, Delhi. The idol of Baba Batuk Bhairav ​​is specially carved over a well here. This statue was brought by Pandava Bhimsen from Kashi.

 Batuk Bhairav ​​Temple Pandava Fort

 The temple of Baba Bhairav ​​Batuk is famous in Delhi. This temple was founded by Pandava Bhimsen. In fact, if the Bhairav ​​brought by Pandav Bhimsen left Viraj outside Delhi, the Pandavas were very worried. Seeing his concern, Batuk Bhairav ​​gave him his two jatas and instructed to put the other Bhairav ​​idol on him by putting it down.

Ghorakhad Batuk Bhairav ​​Temple, Nainital

 The Batukabhairav ​​temple of Ghorakhal near Nainital is also very famous. It is known as Golu Devta. Devotees visit the temple daily to worship this white round statue.

10 information about Kalabhairava

 * 1. Kalabhairava is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and rides a dog. *

 *2. Lord Kalabhairava is considered the god of the night. *

 * 3. Kalabhairava is considered to be the Kotwal of Kashi. *

 * 4. Worshiping Kaal Bhairav ​​fulfills the long-cherished desires. *

 * 5. The worship time of Kaal Bhairav ​​is considered to be from 12 to 3 in the middle of the night. *

 * 6. Jasmine flowers are offered in the worship of Kaal Bhairav. *

 * 7. The fear of death is overcome by Bhairav ​​mantra, chalisa, chanting and havan. *

 * 8. By reciting Bhairava on Saturday and Tuesday, one gets rid of ghosts and negative powers. *

 * 9. Those who are suffering from Saturn, Rahu-Ketu and Mars must worship Kaal Bhairav.

 * 10. The color of Bhairav ​​ji is black and his four arms. The dog should be fed on the day of Bhairavashtami. *

 * Bhairav ​​Ashtami * 🌷

 * 19 November is Bhairav ​​Ashtami festival on Tuesday. This day is dedicated to Lord Bhairav ​​and all his forms. Lord Bhairav ​​is considered as a form of Lord Shiva, worshiping him is considered to be of special importance. 🙏🏻 Lord Bhairava is worshiped in many forms. The main 8 forms of Lord Bhairava are considered. By worshiping those forms, God protects all his devotees and gives them different results . *

➡ * Know 8 forms of Lord Bhairav, which one should worship for your wish *

 1⃣ * Kapal Bhairav ​​*

 * In this form the body of God is shiny, His ride is elephant. Kapal Bhairav ​​holds the trident in one hand, the sword in the third, the weapon in the third and the characters in the fourth. Worshiping these forms of Bhairav ​​stops legal proceedings. Stuck tasks are completed. *

2⃣ * Krodh Bhairav ​​*

 * Krodha Bhairava is of dark blue body and has three eyes. The god of this form of God is Garun and he is considered the lord of the south-west direction. Worshiping Krodha Bhairav ​​increases the ability to fight against all troubles and bad times. *

3⃣ * Asitang Bhairav ​​*

 * Asitang Bhairav ​​is wearing a garland of white skulls around his neck and also holds a skull in his hand. The three-eyed Asitang Bhairava rides the swan. Worshiping this form of Lord Bhairav ​​increases artistic abilities in humans. *

4⃣ * Chand Bhairav ​​*

 * In this form, God has three eyes and is a riding peacock. Chand Bhairava carries a sword in one hand and a pot in the other, arrows in the third and a bow in the fourth hand. Worshiping Chand Bhairav ​​brings victory over enemies and brings the ability to fight against every bad situation. *

5⃣ * Guru Bhairav ​​*

 * Guru Bhairava is holding a skull, ax, and sword in his hand. It is the naked form of God and his riding bull. A snake is wrapped on Guru Bhairava's body. Worshiping Guru Bhairava brings good knowledge. *

6⃣ * Sanhar Bhairav ​​*

 * The Sanhar Bhairava is naked, and the skull is installed on his head. He has three eyes and the vehicle is a dog. Bhairava has eight arms and a snake is wrapped on the body. Worshiping it eliminates all the sins of a human being. *

7⃣ * Unmat Bhairav ​​*

 * Ummat Bhairav ​​is a symbol of calm nature. Worshiping them eliminates all the negativity and evils of human beings. The form of this form of Bhairava is also calm and pleasant. Unmat Bhairav's body color is light yellow and his vehicle is a horse. *

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|| Shri Somnath Mahadev Jyotirlinga ||

|| Shri Somnath Mahadev Jyotirlinga ||

 This jyotirlinga is installed in the world famous temple called Somnath on the sea shore in the Kathiawar region of Gujarat province. Earlier this region was known as Prabhaskshetra. It was here that Lord Sri Krishna made his leela end after making a  arrow medium named Zara. The story of Jyotirlinga here is described in the Puranas as follows-

Daksha Prajapati had twenty seven girls. They were all married to Chandradev. But all the affection and love of the moon was only towards Rohini among them. Due to this act, other daughters of Daksha Prajapati were very unhappy. He narrated his story to his father. Daksha Prajapati explained Chandradev in many ways for this.
But it had no effect on his heart under Rohini. Daksha eventually became enraged and cursed him to be 'decayed'. Chandradev immediately decayed due to this curse. As soon as they were decayed, all their work of improving the cold on the earth stopped. There was a tussle in every place. Moon was also very sad and worried.

Hearing their prayers, the Gods, Vashishth and the sages etc. went to the grandfather Brahma for their salvation. After listening to all the things, Brahma said- 'Moon should worship Lord Shiva with the other gods for his curse-release by going to the holy place of worship. By their grace, their curse will surely be destroyed and they will become diseased.
According to his statement, Chandra Deva completed the entire work of worshiping the Mrityunjaya god. He chanted Mrityunjaya Mantra ten million times while doing austerity. Pleased with this, Mrityunjaya - Lord Shiva granted him the boon of immortality. He said- 'Chandradev! You don't grieve You will be cursed and saved by my groom, as well as the words of Prajapati Daksh will be protected.

Every day, every one of your art in Krishna Paksha will be weakened, but again in the Shukla Paksha, each one of your art will increase. In this way every full moon you will get full moonlight. ' The people of all the worlds were pleased with this boon received by the Moon. Sudhakar Chandradev again started doing the work of Sudha-precipitation in ten directions.
Freeing the curse, Chandradev, along with other gods, prayed to the Shiva that you along with Goddess Satiji could live here forever for the salvation of life. Lord Shiva accepted his prayer and started living here with Jyotirlinga as

The glory of this Somnath-Jyotirlinga situated in the holy Prabhaskshetra is explained in detail in Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagwat and Skandapurana etc. One name of the moon is also Som, he did penance here, considering Lord Shiva as his Nath-lord.

Therefore, this Jyotirlinga is called Somnath. With its philosophy, worship and worship, all the sins and misdeeds of the birth-birth of the devotees are destroyed. He becomes the character of the unending grace of Lord Shiva and Mother Sati. The path of salvation becomes easily accessible to them. All his cosmic and ecclesiastical acts are automatically successful.

Krishna devotee Balika Karamati ji

Krishna devotee Balika Karamati ji


In this kalyug there was many great devotee of the such as tulsidas, mirabai, karmabai, then this series Karmaiti ji was also a great devotee of the Krishna who overcame the mind of people with their devotion.


Devotee Balika Karameti ji was the daughter of Shri Parshuram ji, the priest of Raja Shekhawat. She was inhabited by Khandela (Sikar-Rajasthan). Millions of kamdevs also had a beautiful Shri Shyam Sundar settled in the heart of Balika Karameti. So she was employed in the house. Everyone had forgotten, Mansi used to serve the Lord on a daily basis. When she used to sit meditating, many hours would pass away by sitting in the worshipping . Her mind was always in the service of Krishna. Regularly Krishna care and names were chanted ever he ha Nath! Ha Nath! While saying, sometimes she started dancing while doing kirtan and sometimes laughing.

The people of the house used to be happy seeing the little girl's Bhagwat love. They had been married. And after a few days, husband came to bid farewell. This made his parents very happy. Hearing the farewell discussion, Karamauti ji was thinking Gone what should we do now? This human body made of bone and leather is not worthy of love, so it should be discarded. Then Karamauti Ji started explaining his mind and started saying - Now you are Awake! By waking up, your inner thoughts will be washed away. The love of Shri Shyam Sundar is true and pleasing. Fascinating in the world is false and sad.

In this way, Karameti decided not to go with Patidev, because these forms had been devoted to Shri Krishna's affection. Karmeti ji is not at home. Her father sent horsemen to search for her. She saw that horsemen looking for me have come to me. Then they put the dead camel's skeleton there. He hid himself. He was so interested in God, so he smelled the bad odor of the world of the world that compared to him that rotten deodorant of the camel skeleton tasted better. Balika Karameti ji had three day hidden in the camel's skeleton. When she left the skeleton on the fourth day, she made herself  with the pilgrims.

She came with him to the banks of Shri Ganga. Bathing there and donated all her jewelery to the Brahmins. After that you came to Shri Dham Vrindavan. Her father Parshuram came to Mathura for searching . The people there gave him to addressed of Karmati ji. Accordingly, they came to Vrindavan with the Pandas of Mathura. In those days there was a dense forest on the Brahm Kund. There, on seeing a climb up a banyan tree, a man appeared and looked Up Karmaiti ji she was sad against Krishna's disconnection . She was sitting with weeping. To seeing her Krishna devotion, his father stepped down into her feet.

He said, daughter! By hiding from the house on the occasion of farewell, your escape has shocked our dignity in the world. I have not been able to show my face, now you walk and stay at home. It has disappeared. You do not go to your in-laws to do devotion to God by staying at home. Here a tiger-lion will come and kill you, I am very afraid of this, so come to your house.

Hearing this, Karameti Bai said - "Father you told the truth. Without Bhagavad Bhakti, the body is considered dead. If you want life, sing devotion to God and his fame and virtues.?
Balika Karameti Bai again said, "You said that if my nose is cut, then the nose will bite when there is no nose, what will happen when it is not there?"
The nose means prestige is only Bhagavad-bhakti, you think in your mind - For the past fifty years, you are interested in subjects, yet you have no disinterest. You have been reaping the subjects of enjoyment. I did not see them even after looking at all those pleasures.

I have seen only one Shyam Sundar, so now my vision cannot go towards the world. You too, except all work, devote your body, mind and money to the service of God. Hearing this sermon of Karmati ji, Father Shri Parashuram ji Ignorance was destroyed at the same time. When they started going back to the house, then the Karameti gave them an idol of Lord Krishna, received from Yamuna ji, they came to the house with it. What the Karmaiti ji said their was comes in his heart .


They installed God in the house and started serving them diligently. Now they liked the devotion of God, did not like to come and meet people. After a few days, the king remembered his priest Shri Parashuram ji when he asked the people - Where is Pandit ji? Hearing this, someone said that now they live in their own house in the Bhagavad service and satsang. There was a great affection towards him. Then he sent a servant and called for his news.

Parshuram ji told the Raj Sevak - You go and tell the king, O Rajan, I bless you from here that your love should increase in the Bhagavad feet. I can no longer come to the court. Hearing this, go to see King Purohit ji, The king saw Parashurama's love for Krishna, saw his devotion, then the king asked Purohit ji the news of his daughter Karemati. Then Parashurama said all the while crying, "she been colored in the color of devotion to Shri Krishna. "When King Purohit reached Vrindavan with him, he saw that Karamauti ji was standing on the banks of Yamuna and crying with tears flowing from his eyes. What did the king say? Asked to do some service, but the Karamite ji refused . Even after repeatedly refusing, the king built a hut for the Karameti Ji near Brahmkund. The king also got colored in the love of Krishna and started worshiping Bhagavad after remembering the divine teachings of Karmati Ji. It is said about Karmati ji.

False love of false world

False love of false world

 The result of love which is sorrowful is not love -

 The definition of love is that what makes a happy life is love ---

 In the Narada Bhakti Sutra, Narada ji says that by attaining devotion, man becomes a siddha bhavati, amrito bhavati and tripto bhavati --- life becomes blissful -

It is written in Ramcharit Manas that-

सुर नर मुनि सब कै यह रीती। स्वार्थ लागि करहिं सब प्रीति॥--

sur nar muni sab kai yah reetee. svaarth laagi karahin sab preeti .--

That is, people in the world love each other for selfishness - Suppose the world man does business for less money and if he comes to know that business is getting more money elsewhere, then worldly person will get more due to selfishness Starts doing other business to earn profits --- hence everyone in the world is fooling each other - love each other for selfishness and Selfishness ends but love also ends.

Even if people believe that the people of the world do not love for selfishness, then the Upanishads say that whether it is love of selfishness or love of selfless spirit of the world - to be attached in any way in the world is a sin. If you are more attached towards someone in life, when it comes time to get rid of the body, then you miss the same thing that the mind has attached to ---

You all know the context of King Bharat that Bharat ji took his mind to the child of a deer, he used to contemplate the same when he was asleep and when the time came to get rid of the body, he remembered the child of the deer and the next born also got a deer. - For this reason, if there is attachment of mind to the world or to anything in the world, life will go in vain - If you love the world, remember the world, the body will be touched and then you will have to go to eighty-four million births - sometimes a dog If you become a mosquito, sometimes you will become a hand, snakes etc.

The worldly love that gives you a dog, a cat, an elephant, etc. in the world, that worldly love is the cause of the downfall, that is why it is not called love - and when love is from God, it will be enjoyed - the people of the world will enjoy selfishness. They cheat each other, but God never cheats - don't trust the world because no one can ever break hope, so be careful and only trust God And only apply the same mind in the Lord - Radhe Radhe

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Must learn something from everyone !

Must learn something from everyone ! 

If you want to achieve achievement in life, then there is a need for guidance somewhere.  But the work of giving guidance is the work of a Guru ,but it is not easy to meet a Guru .  In such a situation, those who are clever are very alert, they keep trying to learn something from everything around them.  All of us must keep watching the events happening around us, knowing what work we get to learn. The events happening in life do provide some education, it is important to keep ourselves ready as well.  Together take him towards positivity.  Today's post is the story of a man who learned something from the people around him.  And enhance your life.

 A long time ago, a very influential Mahant lived in a city. Many disciples used to come to him for education. One day a disciple asked the Mahant, "Swamiji who is your guru? From which guru have you received your education? "The Mahanta smiled at the disciple's question and said," I have thousands of gurus! If I sit down to count their names, it may take months. But still I will tell you about my three gurus.

One was a thief. Once in a while, the way was lost and it was too late when I reached a village far away. All shops and houses were closed. But finally I found a man who was trying to break into a wall. I asked him if I can stay, then he said that it would be very difficult to find shelter at this time, but if you want, you can stay with me.
I am a thief and if you have no problem in living with a thief then you can stay with me.
 "He was such a lovely man that I stayed with him for a month! He would tell me every night that I go to my work, you relax, pray. When he comes from work, I ask him, have you got anything? So he would say that today he could not get anything, but if God wants, he will surely get something soon. He was never disappointed and sad, always happy.
 When years and years had passed while meditating on me and nothing was happening, there were moments when I was determined to give up my sadness and despair. And then suddenly I remember the thief who used to say everyday that if God wanted, he would get something soon.

And my second guru was a dog. On a very hot summer day I was very thirsty and wandering in search of water that a dog came running. He was also thirsty. There was a river nearby. When that dog went ahead and peeped into the river, he saw another dog in the water which had its own shadow. The dog was very scared to see him.
 He would stare at the shadow and retreat, but due to thirst, he would return to the water. Eventually, despite his fears, he jumped into the river and the shadow disappeared as soon as he jumped. Seeing this courage of that dog, I got a very big lesson . A person has to leap despite his fear. Success is found only by a person who combats fear with courage. ”

And my third guru is a small child. I was passing through a village that I saw a small child carrying a burning candle. He was going to place a candle in a nearby church. I jokingly asked him if you lit this candle? He said, I have lit it. So I told him that there was a moment when this candle was extinguished and then a moment came when this candle burned. Can you show me
  "The child laughed and extinguished the candle and said, Now you have seen Jyoti. Where was he told? You tell me "
  "My ego is shattered, I am getting knowledge." And at that moment I realized my own stupidity. Since then, I lost my hands with blank knowledge. "

* What is the meaning of being a disciple, friends ? To be a disciple means to be open to all existence. Be ready to learn from all sides at all times. Every moment of life gives us a chance to learn something. We should always keep on learning good things by becoming a disciple in life. This life keeps on mixing us with a guru in some form in the coming days, it is up to us if we become a disciple like that mahant with that guru. You are not able to receive the education you are getting! *


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