Sunday, October 27, 2019

Why should one worship in the morning?

Why should one worship in the morning?

 Morning-time is said to be the best for worshiping God.  Although the Lord can be worshiped with a sincere heart in the day, but there is a law to worship in Brahma Muhurta.

 According to the scriptures, the time of morning is said to be the best for devotion to God because our mind remains calm in the morning.  After waking from sleep, the mind remains completely calm and stable.  There are no idle thoughts or waste thoughts in the mind.  It is important for the devotion of God that the mind remains focused so that full focus can be placed on the Lord.
 After morning, at some other time in the day, we do many things that do not allow our mind and brain to concentrate fully.  Due to which the mind remains restless, the mind gets entangled in many bad and irreligious things as well.  Due to which it is impossible to concentrate in devotion.  Keeping this in mind, Brahma Muhurta has been considered best in the scriptures for worshiping deeds.
 God is pleased with the same devotion where the mind is calm and there is no irreligious talk of any kind.  The effect of morning worship gives the mind so much strength that it can easily bear all the stress of the day.  The mind moves fast, we are able to work on many schemes simultaneously.  This is why the tradition of worshiping in the morning is continuing.

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