Sunday, October 27, 2019

Faith and trust in devotion

Faith and trust in devotion

* When Meera ji used to sing to Lord Krishna, God used to listen very carefully. *

 * God used to listen even when Surdas ji used to sing the verse. *

 * And to what extent, Kabir has even said this: - He also listens to the ant's foot nupur sounds . *

 * If an ant is so small, if it is tied in its feet too, then God also listens to his voice. *

 * If you feel that God is not listening to your call, then it is your practice or you have not known the nature of God. *

 * Sometimes call them with love, right, sometimes tear them in their memory. *

 * I can even say that there is only God who listens to you. *

 * A short story tells the saint: - *

 * A devotee of Lord ji, he recited Bhagavad Gita ji continuously for 20 years. *

 * Finally, the Lord, taking his test, said: - Hey devotees!  You think that I am happy with the recitation of your Gita, so this is your privilege. *
 * I was not pleased with your lesson at all. *

 * As soon as the devotee heard it, he started dancing, and began to swing. *

 * God said: - Hey!  I said that I am not happy with your reading and you are dancing.

 * That devotee said: - God, are you happy or not, I do not know this thing.
 * But I am happy that you have at least heard my text, so I am dancing. *

 * This is an emotion… *

 * Think a little, did not God listen when Draupati ji called Lord Krishna? *
 * God listened and saved Laz too. *

 Didn't God listen when Gajendra Hathi called God to avoid Graha?
 * Heard exactly and God left his meal. *

 * Kabirdas ji, Tulsis ji, Surdas ji,
 , Meera Bai Ji, Shri know how many saints were there who talked to God and God also used to listen to them. *

 * So whenever you remember God, chant His name, do not think that God will hear your call or not? *

 * Have no doubt, just call them from the heart, you will feel yourself that yes, God is listening to your call!

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