Monday, October 21, 2019

Faith of mind

Was a religious person, he had great reverence in God. He had made a picture of God in his heart. One day filled with devotion, he said to God- God talk to me. And a nightingale started chirping but the man did not listen.

So this time he shouted loudly, "God say something to me and subtract in the sky."
He looked around, looked up and down and said, "Lord, come in front of me and the sun starts shining in Badalo. But he did not see.
Finally, that man started tearing his throat and God show me some miracle - then an infant was born and his first cry started echoing, but the man did not notice.
Now that person started crying and pleading with God - God touch me, I know you are here, I am here, with me, and a butterfly came flying and sat on his palm but he blew the butterfly, And went ahead with a sad heart. God appeared to him in so many forms, talked to him in so many ways, but the man did not even recognize, perhaps he did not have the picture of God in his mind.
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We say that God is in every particle of nature, but we want to see him in some other form, so we cannot see him anywhere. It is also called Duragraha in devotion. God wants to come in our own way and we want to see in our way and the thing cannot be made. We should feel God everywhere every moment

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