Thursday, October 24, 2019

Brahmacharya of Shri Krishna


"Gopia said to Shri Krishna," O Krishna, we have to go to offer Agastya Risi, and this Yamunaji falls in between, now tell me how
Lord Shri Krishna said that when you go to Yamunaji, then say, O Yamunaji, if Shri Krishna is Brahmachari, then give us the way, the gopis started laughing that this Krishna also considers himself to be Brahmachari, all day then he is following us. , Sometimes steals our clothes, sometimes breaks our matki(pitcher) ..
The Gopi goes to Yamuna ji and says, if  Shri krishna is Brahmachari, then give us the way, and as Gopi said, Yamunaji Ne rasta de diya, now after returning food to Agastya Rishi and coming back, told Agastya Rishi that now how should we go home? Yamunaji is in the middle,
Agastya Rishi said that if you tell Yamunaji that if Agastya ji is destitute, then give us the way, the gopis started saying that we had brought so much food so ate everything and now they are telling themselves foodless, Gopia went to Yamunaji and said , O Yamunaji, if Agastya Rishi is foodless then give us the way and Yamunaji has given way,
The Gopi started to believe that what he eats can be foodless, and who follows us throughout the day can be Brahmachari,
Lord Shri Krishna started saying, Gopia, I have nothing to do with your body, so after seeing your feeling of love, I come behind you who loves me, I am truly indebted to you.

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