Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Glory to Shrivrindavan Dham

Glory to Shrivrindavan Dham ....

Srivrindavan is the residence of Shree Shyama Ju and Srikunjbihari. Here the Premaras stream of Shriradha-Krishna flows. The everlasting favorite shrimadvrivindavan always stays in Brindavan. Nidhivan is considered the king of all forests here. Therefore it is called Srinidhivanraj.
In the last part of any night, the Sriradhakrishna couple were sleeping in the Kelikunj of Nidhivan. Shrivrishabhanunandini suddenly had a wonderful dream. On awakening, she awakened Pranavallabh and started saying - Dear! I just had a wonderful dream.

In that dream I saw a unique river like Yamuna ji. Like the Yamuna pullin on the banks of that river, I saw an absolutely delightful pullin. In that bridge (in the grove), like Vrindavan, he saw a wonderful Gorkanti distinguished teenager, doing a wonderful dance-song with full humor. He was getting into dance on the tone of mridang and kartal in emotion. He is a proud teenager, Krishna! Yes, Krishna! And sometimes, Radhe! Oh Radhe! Where are you ?

Sometimes, he was rolling on the ground, crying like a cry, sometimes becoming unconscious, and making his sentiments all over the world from Trinam to Brahma. My love Looking at her, I started thinking, who is this teenager of Gauravarna? Is Krishna always there forever? Yes, Krishna! Saying that I am the only teenager who cries? Or yes Radhe! Oh Radhe! Where are you ? In this way, my beloved, Krishna, who is crying with a high voice, is the proudest person.
Shri Krishna said, "O dear! I have made you see various forms of Narayan etc. from time to time. But you are not surprised to see them. But who is that proud teenager who causes confusion in your intellect? I can not say . He smiled saying this.
Shriradhikaji started saying - Pranavallabh! Now I understand that you are yourself as a person. Otherwise no one can fascinate me like this. In the future, Shri Krishna in his Kaustubh Mani started to show all the scenes to Sriradhikaji in the form of visions. Sriradhikaji looked at the scenes and said that in front of Nandababa in your childhood, the omniscient Gargarshi had said that in the first evening of the upcoming Kali Yuga, this son of yours will appear as Pitavarna Gaurang. Gargi Rishi's prophecy can never be false. So my dream is true and you are the teenager.

Hearing this, Shri Krishna said Praneshwari! In order to taste your feelings, I will receive your keenness and heartfelt feelings and incarnate in the form of gaurang. I will personally welcome these Saras Bhavas of yours and will also propagate Ragarm Bhakti through Harinam Sankirtana. To deliver my rare love in reality, I will be incarnated as Mahavadanya Gaurang.

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