Saturday, October 26, 2019

Shreekrishna katha leela

Very beautiful story

 My Vrindavan

 A king built a temple of Lord Krishna

 And put a priest for worship.  Priestly
 Started serving Bihariji.  Worshiping God and
 The priest's age passed while serving.  King rose flower
 The garland was sent by the servant's hand.
 Used to wear  When the king came to see the priest, he used to remove the garland from the neck of Bihariji and put it on the king.  This everyday
 Was the rule.  One day the king could not go to the temple for some reason.
 He told a servant - take the garland and go to the temple.  Tell the priest
 Today I will not be able to come.  The servant went and gave the rosary to the priest and
 Told you not to wait for Maharaj today.  The servant returned
 Gaya.  The priest put the garland on Bihariji.  Then he got the idea that till today I climbed the robe of my Bihari ji
 He kept wearing the king.  Never this good luck to me
 Got it. When there is no confidence in life,  Today my lord
 He is very kind to me.  The king will not come today, so why not a garland
 I wear  Thinking that the priest garlanded Bihariji's neck
 Removed and wore it myself.  The servant came and told him that the king's ride was just about to reach the temple.
 The priest shivered.  They thought if the king saw the garland around my neck
 Lee would be angry with me.  With this fear, he has
 After removing the rosary, he again wore Bihariji.  As king
 When he came to visit, the priest again according to the rules
 Stripped and put it on the king's neck.  When the garland was worn, the king saw a white hair in the garland. Raja understood the whole matter
 That the priest had worn the garland himself and then removed
 Will be thrown back.  The king thinks that the priest does this
 Got very angry  He asked the priest - priest
 Whose white hair is it?  The priest felt that if I told the truth
 So the king will punish, so to save his life, the priest said - Maharaj, this white hair belongs to Bihari ji.  Now the king is angry
 It was furious that this priest was being lied to
 Bhagal Bihariji's hair is also white somewhere.  The king said-
 If this priest is of white hair, then in the morning
 I will come and see if Bihariji has white hair or
 Black.  If Bihari's hair turns black, you will be hanged.  The king went away after dictating. Now the priest cried
 Begged Bihari ji - Lord I know your
 I committed the crime of lying.  Put on your neck
 Gave you the garland again.  Grow old while serving you
 Gaya.  It has been a longing to wear a garland
 Good luck  All this crime happened in this greed.  For the first time my Thakurji got greed and such misfortune has arisen.  my
 Nath will no longer be such a crime.  Now only you save
 Tomorrow morning I will be hanged.  Priests cry all night
 are.  As soon as dawn, the king came to the temple.  He said that today
 He will decorate the Lord himself.  Saying this, the king as soon as the crown
 I was shocked when removed.  All the hair of Bihariji were white.  The king felt that the priest dyed Bihari's hair to save his life
 Must have given  Angrily he examined the hair
 Wish  Hair to look real or fake
 He broke the hair of Bihari Ji, blood from Bihari's head
 The tide started flowing  The king held the feet of the Lord and forgave
 Started asking  The voice came from the idol of Bihariji - Raja, till today you considered me only idol, so from today onwards I will be your
 I am an idol.  Priestess considers me a true God.
 Today I have to whiten my hair in order to honor their reverence

 Had to shed the bloodstream and to convince you.

 This story is not from any Purana but its heart

 It is not less than the story of any Purana.  They say- If you believe that God is not a stone, if there is faith, then Lord Sapran is in those stones.
 Will come to meet the devotee.

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