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Shri Krishna - Truth Story (Saint and Seth)

Shri Krishna - Truth Story

Saint and Seth…

A saint lived in Mathura. He had many disciples. One of them was also Seth Jagatram.
Jagataram had a long wide business.
He used to travel far and wide in connection with business.
Once he went to Kannauj in connection with business. Kannauj is famous for its perfumed perfumes.
He bought a very expensive perfume bottle of perfume to present to the saint. .
Seth Jagatram returned to Mathura a few days later when he was finished.
The next day they went to meet him at the sage's hut.
The saints were not in the hut. When asked, we got the answer that Yamuna has gone to the shore for bathing.
Jagatram walked towards the ghat.
The saint sees something in the Yamuna river standing in knee-deep water and smiling.
At a fast pace, he came close to the saint.
I bowed that I brought a bottle of perfume for you from Kannauj.
The saint said, bring it.
Seth Jagatram gave the perfume bottle in the hands of the saint.
The saint immediately opened the bottle and put all the perfume in Yamuna and smiled.
Jagatram was sad to see this scene.
Thought not to use perfume even once, not even smell, and put the entire perfume in Yamuna.
He did not say anything and the sad heart returned home.
After several days, when his sadness subsided, he went to see the saint in his hut.
The saint was seated alone in the hut and singing a hymn.
When asked, I saw Seth at the door, pleased and called him near and said - "Your perfume did a great job that day."
Seth looked at the saint with surprise and asked "I don't understand anything."
The saint said, "Radha ji and Shri Krishna's Holi was happening in Yamuna that day.
As soon as Radha ji put the piercing in the pot to add color over Sri Krishna, at the same time I brought your perfume in the pot.
The whole perfume went on the body of Shri Krishna with color from the perfume and Lord Krishna started smelling with the smell of perfume.
Your perfume brought a new color to Sri Krishna and Radharani's Holi.
Because of you I also received the blessings of Shri Krishna and Radharani. ".
Seth Jagataram kept staring at the saint.
He could not understand anything.
When the saint saw a look of disbelief in Seth's eyes, he said, "You may not believe what I said."
Go see all the temples of Sri Krishna Krishnadha of Mathura, then say something.
Seth Jagatram went to all the temples of Srikrishnaradha located in Mathura.
He seemed to smell his perfume from the idol of Sri Krishnaradha in all the temples.
Seth Jagatram's perfume was accepted by Sri Krishna and Radharani.
He returned to the sage's hut and fell at the feet of the saint.
A stream of tears flowed from Seth's eyes.
The saint's eyes also became moist in the memory of Lord Krishna. .
Friends, I had read this story in my childhood.
I do not remember the name of the book, but this is a story.
There are many devotees in Mathura who have seen the glory of Shri Krishna, Radharani and Gopis in Mathura for mere bliss.
Vanshidhar's Murali still rings in Braj and he is pleased and he hears and sees.

May you all be blessed by Lord Krishna and Radharani.

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