Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Sri Krishna .... Spiritual aspect

Bhagwat Spiritual Side -

"When Lord Shri Krishna pledged for creation, then three men appeared from his divine Deity - in these

From the primacy of "Rajoguna" - "Brahma".

"Vishnu" with the predominance of "Satvaguna".

And with the primacy of "Tamogun", "Rudra" appeared.

God gave these three the right to originate, observe and kill the world respectively.
Then Lord Brahma, who was born from the navel lotus of God, manifested his feeling as if from him.
Use of Bhagwat Katha by Brahma
Brahma said -
Lord ! You have put me in the universe, but I am afraid that during the universe, the very sinful Rajoguna will not be able to obstruct your memory.
So please tell me something that keeps your "memory" equal.
Then God preached to him Shrimad Bhagwat and
said -
That you keep consuming it for the attainment of your desire, by getting the teachings of Brahmaji Shrimad Bhagwat
Pleased and he spent the week to attain Shri Krishna.
This makes them all
The desire is complete.
With this, they always expand the universe in remembrance of Bhagwat and keep doing the ritual of Yajna repeatedly.
The idea is that Brahma Ji needs a name base before creating the universe,
By which Lord Brahma is saying this thing that he should not forget God while creating the world.
Then we are ordinary creatures, while doing every work,
It is important to remember god

Bhagwat is necessary, name is important----

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