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Vrindavan is the home of Shyama Joo and Srikunjvihari.

Vrindavan is the home of Shyama Joo and Srikunjvihari.

Vrindavan is the home of Shyama Joo and Srikunjvihari. Here, the Premaras-stream of Radha-Krishna flows. It is believed that the everlasting-beloved, Sridhamavrindavan always engages in the Vihara. Here Nidhivan is considered the king of all forests, hence he is called Srinidhi Vanraj. In the fifteenth century when Swami Haridas, the master of the music emperor Tansen, the originator of the Sakhi-sect, came to Vrindavan, he made Nidhivan his place of worship.

It is said that when Swami Haridas Nidhavan wooed Kunjbihari with his music, when he used to sing raga on Tannapura, Radha-Krishna started making ras with delight. This Ras-Leela was not visible to his disciples. There is a story about Vihara Panchami that on the request of his nephew and beloved disciple Vithalvipulji, on the day of his birth day "Margashirsha-Shukla-Panchami", Swami ji emerged as Shyama-Shyam. Swamiji prayed to Radha ji that he should enter Kunjvihari like lightning in a cloud. On Swami ji's request, Priyaji became absorbed in his beloved. In this way, the combined image of the couple government became idolized as Bankebihari and became famous as Aghan Sudi Panchami (Margashirsha Shukla Panchami) Vihar Panchami.

In Nidhivan, the poetic treatise Kalimala, written by Swami Haridasji about Nitya Vihara of Shyama-Shyamsundar, sheds enough light. This poem of 110 verses is in fact a compilation of Dhrupadas sung by Swamiji from time to time, which has a subtle and enigmatic interpretation of Kunjbihari's Nitya Vihar.

"माई री सहज जोरी प्रकट भई जु रंग की गौर श्याम धन दामिनी जैसे !
"My ri sahaj jori pragat bhai ju rang ka gaur shyam dhan damini jaise!
प्रथम हूँ हुती अबहूँ आगे हूँ रहिहै ना ट रिहै तैसे !
अंग अंग की उजराई सुधराई चतुराई सुंदरता ऐसे !
Pratham hun huti abhun aage hun rahihe na tarihe taise!
Ang ang ki ujrayee sudhrayee chaturayee sundarta aise

Sri Hari Das's lord Shyama Kunjbihari Sama By the way "!

It is said that all the creepers of Nidhivan are gopis who are standing with arms in each other's arms. When Radha Rani ji in Nidhivan at night, ras Leela with Bihari ji, then there the raven becomes gopis, and then Ras Leela Starts, no one can see this Raas Leela, thousands of monkeys, birds, animals live in Nidhivan throughout the day, but as soon as it is evening, all animals, animals and monkeys automatically go to Nidhivan. Banda also does not stop there, even the creatures inside the ground, ants etc. go inside the ground, no one can see Ras Leela because Ras Leela is not the leela of this cosmic world. "No ordinary person or organism can see it with their own eyes. Those who are great saints have heard the sound of Nupur of Radharani and Gopis from Nidhivan.

When Radha Rani ji gets tired while doing Raas, Bihari ji presses her feet. And they sleep in the night. Even today there is a bedroom in Nidhivan where the priest keeps a pot of water, paan, phul and prasad, and when the pat is opened in the morning, the water gets yellow, the paan is chewed and the flowers are scattered. .
Once upon a time, when a person sat hidden in the bushes in Nidhivan to see Ras Leela. When it was morning, that person was found lying in a deranged state outside Nidhivan. People asked him for nothing but he did not speak for seven days. After seven days, he did not eat or drink anything, nor did he say on a paper that I have seen Radha Rani and Bihari ji with his eyes while doing so and writing this, he died. Because one cannot see that leela of theirs and if one sees it then it is no longer of this world.

There is a small effort to write what we have heard and read from the mouth of the saints, because we and our words are not enough about that Divyatidivya Leela and about Nidivan, Radha Rani and Bihari ji are infinite as they are immense. Leela is also infinite and immense.

"Jai Jai Shree Radhe"

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